Allergic dermatitis in adults and children: symptoms and treatment, diet, causes

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Dermatitis

To such a disease as allergic contact dermatitis must be treated carefully, it should not be ignored, so as not to provoke the occurrence of complications.The first manifestations of it in children, adults are often left without attention.

It is a pathological process that affects many body systems.About the symptoms, causes and treatment of allergic contact dermatitis in children and adults with useful photos you will be told this article.

Features of the disease

This disease is registered in countries with differing climatic conditions. This type of dermatitis is not contagious. Contact dermatitis is the response of the body to the effect of a particular stimulus.Do not notice swelling on the epithelium, peeling, redness is impossible.In patients, there is a significant decrease in the quality of life due to burning, unbearable itching, painful sensations.

Pathological processes can be activated under the influence of various substances, artificial materials.The problem is that it is almost impos

sible to protect yourself against such factors, so the disease is more common among the population.The risk of getting allergic dermatitis increases due to weakened immunity, the management of an incorrect lifestyle, and the existence of a hereditary predisposition.

The peculiarity of this disease in children is its long flow, the emergence of a periodic eruption on the epithelium, itching.Initially, this kind of dermatitis acts as a reaction to the newly introduced food product( fruits, eggs, berries, cereals, fish, soy).Allergic reaction of the body to the allergen is manifested after 10-14 days.If the influencing factor is too aggressive( a chemical substance), the first symptoms may appear after 7-8 days.

Allergic type dermatitis in children will be told this video:

Types and forms of contact allergic dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis is represented by such forms.