Follicular dermatitis: treatment at home, symptoms, ointments

August 12, 2017 15:31 | Dermatitis

Dermatitis has a different nature.Knowing the elementary rules how to avoid this unpleasant phenomenon, will help to maintain the skin in a normal state.We will tell you today about the symptoms, the causes, the treatment with ointments and folk remedies follicular dermatitis in adults and children, show photos of patients, give useful advice on therapy.

Features of the disease

When the local inflammatory process on the skin activates the infection, the disease occurs - follicular dermatitis. Characteristic for this type of dermatitis - pustules on the surface of the skin, so this pathology is also called globular acne.

K initiators diseases include:

  • Proteus,
  • staphylococci,
  • E. coli,
  • streptococci,
  • pneumococci,
  • yeast fungi

Globular acnes( photo)

Follicular dermatitis 1

Stages of follicular dermatitis

The pathological process is conditionally divided into three stages in its development.

  • In the of the initial stage of the disease, the elements of the rash are visible - pustules filled with pus.T
    heir sizes can be from very small( 1 mm in diameter) to about 4 mm.Characteristically, the elevations have a red inflamed rim on the surface of the skin.
  • With further development of follicles continues to increase gradually.They become cone-shaped, thanks to the abscesses ripening inside them.The purulent contents of the follicle have a yellowish color and are translucent through the membrane.
  • The next stage of the occurs when the process goes into a chronic form.There is a continuous seizure of the disease of new skin areas.The surface becomes dense to the touch.The follicles acquire a red color of a darker shade, sometimes the color of the elements of the rash becomes red-violet.

Causes of

On the skin, usually there are always representatives of a microbial infection that can cause dermatitis.But the disease happens when there is a provocation by certain factors:

  • decreases cellular immunity,
  • insufficient compliance with personal hygiene rules,
  • friability of the epidermis,
  • increased humidity,
  • electrolyte balance of the skin is not stable,
  • severe pollution,
  • abnormality of the hormonal background,
  • the skin is able to absorb liquids more than normal,
  • failure in the work of physiological barriers,
  • others onusheniya.

The provocateur of dermatitis when the above factors, which are favorable for his life, appear, begins to multiply.The products of its vital activity are toxins, which aggravate skin inflammation.

Symptoms of

The presence of follicular dermatitis will be indicated by the following signs:

  • appearance on the skin of the abscess,
  • painful sensations associated with the presence of rash on the skin;
  • rarely occurs peeling and itching in the area of ​​the problem,
  • at the chronic stage of the disease, possibly a fever.


disease has external similarity with such problems:

  • scabies,
  • eczema,
  • exudative-catarrhal diathesis,
  • chickenpox,
  • pediculosis,
  • drug reaction.

Therefore, in addition to external examination, the specialist can take the epithelium for histological examination.A dermatologist can diagnose the disease.

Treatment of globular acne


Follicular dermatitis Specialists prescribe treatment measures, depending on the stage of the process and additional information about it.

The main task is to increase the patient's natural protective functions of the body.Also, assistance is provided to suppress the vital activity of pathogens of the infectious component of the problem.Autohemotherapy is carried out.


Depending on the particular case of using drugs such directions:

  • immunomodulating:
    • vitamins,
    • immunomodulators,
    • other means,
  • ointment anti-inflammatory and antibacterial directions, including fromThe content of corticosteroids;
  • if there is an allergic reaction, the complex treatment includes:
    • sorbents,
    • antihistamines,
  • make local baths with furatsilina or potassium permanganate,
  • lowering drugs inflammation and fighting agent of dermatitis:
    • Sulfanilamide agents,
    • antibiotics from globular acne,
    • corticosteroid hormones.

For treatment at home, skin disease follicular dermatitis read below.

Folk methods

If the disease has no neglected form, then on the advice of a specialist, it is possible to use folk methods of treatment.

Apply bath of herbs:

  • calendula,
  • series,
  • chamomile,
  • sage,
  • other plants.

about traditional treatments of dermatitis on the face to tell this video:

disease prevention

Among the activities, prevents the appearance of follicular dermatitis include:

  • timely treatment of allergy,
  • concern for strengthening immunity,
  • maintaining the health of the digestive organs,
  • normalization of metabolic processes in the body,
  • hygiene rules:
    • bed linen should be fresh,
    • hookedMaintenance of cleanliness of skin with water procedures,
    • clean underwear.


Follicular dermatitis ointment follicles that are free from pus, when correctly selected treatment begin to heal, leaving a small scar on the skin.

  • If the disease process has passed into a chronic form, then it is possible to spread the problem to neighboring healthy skin areas.On the surfaces that are compacted due to the disease, the patient feels pain.
  • Running cases of follicular dermatitis are accompanied by an increase in temperature, and in the future, if you do not seek medical help, it is possible to reflect the inflammatory process in the leukocyte formula.


The positive result from treatment measures depends on the discipline of the patient. If he carefully follows all the recommendations and appointments of a specialist, then, as a rule, complete healing occurs.

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