Varicose eczema: treatment, causes, symptoms and features of the disease

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Eczema

Varicose eczema( not to be confused with idiopathic) is a chronic pathology affecting the lower limbs.The disease is often called hyperemic eczema or congestive dermatitis.It accompanies the pathology of the vessels of the legs( thrombophlebitis, varicosity, etc.), manifesting themselves against their background.

Defeat usually focuses on calves and feet.How does the disease manifest itself, how and what to treat varicose eczema on the legs?

Features of the disease

Diseases are susceptible for the most part to women, as they have more provoking factors for this.These include:

  • transferred pregnancies,
  • elderly or middle age,
  • chronic infections,
  • overweight,
  • leg injuries,
  • deep vein thrombosis.

Varicose eczema of the lower extremities( photo)

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Stages of

The stages of varicose eczema can be divided into 4 types:

  1. I stage. The initial form can often be cured and with the help of folk techniques, but doctors still recommend not to hesitate and get advice from specialists in order
    to prevent further progress.
  2. II stage. It is characterized by a serious disturbance of the venous current and the appearance of swelling.All the symptoms of eczema are manifested even with this form.
  3. III stage. The bubbles appear bursting and the surface is constantly wet.On the skin, it is enough just to bring the infection, so you need to connect all possible methods of treatment.
  4. IV stage. This stage completes the development of eczema, as the crusts appear and gradually the disease fades.But with the wrong tactics of therapy, you can provoke a re-wave.
The causes and symptoms of varicose eczema are discussed in the video below:

Causes of

The main cause of this form of eczema is the neglected condition of the veins, as the limbs are worse enriched in oxygen. Because of this, the most frequent localization of the disease is the ankle joints.

The development of the disease affects not only the deterioration of the vessels, but also the improper functioning of the heart valves, which disrupts the normal flow of blood.As a result, there is an increase in pressure in the vessels, which leads to the appearance of edema.The pressure in the capillaries also increases, and this is already the cause of increased vascular permeability.Blood penetrates through the capillary network.After a while, ulcers and pustular foci will appear in these areas.


Varicose eczema The main symptom of eczema of this species can not be noticed, it's varicose veins. Often the extremities feel itching, heaviness, sometimes pain.There are other signs of venous damage.

With varicose eczema, violet-red patches appear on the legs, microvesicles develop.After a while they are opened.There is itching, puffiness, and after combing is much higher chance of infection in the exposed vesicles and wounds.

The skin becomes wet, but gradually begins to dry up.This stage is accompanied by the appearance of crusts.Further, the skin becomes coarse, darkens, wrinkles may appear on it, it becomes denser.After the overflow of pathology in the chronic form, sclerosis of the subcutaneous tissue and skin appears.


There are no specific methods for diagnosing varicose eczema.Often there is enough medical examination for diagnosis of the disease.A number of laboratory tests are conducted, which helps to clarify the diagnosis or differentiate eczema from other possible diseases.

Sometimes it is possible to carry out a skin allergic test to find out a remedy or thing that can exacerbate the manifestations of eczema.About what varicose eczema of the lower extremities requires treatment, about the devices for this we will tell below.

The following video will tell you what factors contribute to the appearance of eczema on the legs:

Treatment of varicose eczema on the legs

Therapeutic way

The nutrition is corrected, since it is of fundamental importance in the treatment of varicose eczema.It is important to exclude products that can provoke a repeated wave of the disease.

It is advisable to purchase tights or stockings with anti-varicose effect.In diseases of the vessels of the legs, many prefer to restrict physical activity, which is fundamentally wrong. Limbs are already suffering from impaired blood circulation, so loads are not just important, but they also play an important role in achieving a positive effect of treatment.

For ointments and steroidal creams from varicose eczema on the legs, read below.