Ichthyol ointment: instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews, contraindications

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Dermatology

"Ichthyol ointment" is a disinfectant, antiseptic, which is used to remove infection from the surface of the epithelium.The remedy proved to be a good one.And today we'll talk about instructions for use, price, analogues and feedback about ichthyol ointment, let's talk about what it helps.

Features of the preparation

This product is used in such areas of medicine as:

  • gynecology;
  • dermatology;
  • Urology.

Ichthyol ointment is often used in the treatment for acne.It proved to be effective in practice."Ichthyol ointment" appeared on the windows of pharmacies a long time ago.The

The composition of the ichthyol ointment

In 100 grams of the ointment contains 10 g of the main constituent component - ichthyol. It is extracted from resin.

Vaseline is used as an auxiliary component.

Dosage forms and prices

Ichthyol ointment "Ichthyol's ointment" is available in dark jars of glass.This drug can be found on the drugstore counters in jars at:

  • 25 grams.10%.This ointment contains 10 grams of the main drug an
    d 90 grams of the auxiliary;
  • 800 grams.20%.This ointment contains 20 grams of the main drug and 80 grams of the auxiliary;
  • 1800 grams.20%.This ointment contains 20 grams of the main drug and 80 grams of the auxiliary.

The price for this ointment is not high.It can be purchased in almost every pharmacy for 103-130 rubles.

Pharmacological action

The bactericidal effect of the drug in question on certain types of staphylococci, streptococci, yeast-like fungi has been noted. However, the drug has no effect on gram-negative microorganisms.

"Ichthyol Ointment" has become popular for the reason that it contributes to:

  • increases the elasticity of the epithelium;
  • softens the keratinization of the epidermis;
  • eliminates the itching of the skin;
  • promotes the regeneration of dermal cells;
  • improves the exchange process.

According to reviews of people who used this ointment, it acts on soft tissues, its deep layers as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory agent just hours after its application.

Pharmacodynamics of ichthyol ointment

"Ichthyol ointment" is used to control acne.It provides such actions:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antipruritic;
  • antiseptic;
  • keratostatic.

The effect of the drug is due to the activity of thiophenol components, in which sulfur is present( about 10.5%).The most important among them is thiophene.Through the denaturation of transmembrane proteins within the cells of Gram-positive microorganisms, the bactericidal function of thiophenes of ichthyol appears.

After the agent is applied to the epithelium, a feeling of heat, hyperemia appears, they are a manifestation of the irritant action of the drug.Such a reaction is associated with the activation of painful, tissue thermoreceptors through thiophenol components.

The inclusion of trophic reflexes of the nervous system( sympathetic) occurs in the spinal cord with stimulation of pain receptors.Impulse promotes stimulation of blood circulation inside soft tissues, epithelium.Under its influence, the regenerative function, the metabolism, is enhanced.The effect after application of the agent in question is manifested after 1-2 hours.

The anti-inflammatory effect is manifested due to the acceleration of metabolism, as well as reduced synthesis, the release of mediators of inflammation.Under the influence of the main component, the migration of leukocytes to the inflamed area is inhibited by chemotactic factors:

  • tripeptide Met-Leu-Phe;
  • leukotriene B4;
  • C5a compliment component.

Ointment preventing the entry of new protein molecules into the structure of keratin is able to remove itchy skin, intensified corneal epithelium.


Apply the ointment on the epithelium( not damaged) under the occlusive dressing.Absorption of the drug is very slow.

After absorption, thiophenol components of ichthyol are released into the bile, and then they are removed from the body through the intestine.Next, let's find out what the ichthyol ointment is used for.

The girl from the video will tell about the treatment of acne with ichthyol ointment:


Ichthyol ointment is recommended for such epidermal damage:

  • Streptodermia.
  • Burns.
  • Hydradenitis( including the scalp, inguinal).
  • Eczema( including professional, wetting).
  • Furuncles.
  • Greater seborrhea.
  • Prostatitis.
  • Arthritis.
  • Smallpox.
  • Microsporia.
  • Sycosis.
  • Trichophytia.
  • Rosacea.
  • Ostiophalliculitis.
  • Lupus Erythematosus( discoid).

On whether it is possible to use ichthyol ointment during pregnancy, we will tell below.

Instruction for use

Ichthyol ointment on what helps This medication can be used in two forms:

  • in pure form;
  • in the form of glycerin lotion 10%.To create it, you need glycerin, Ichthyoli ointment 20%( 1: 1).

This agent, as specified in the instructions, is applied evenly to the surface of the inflamed epithelium.To rub it it is necessary until the moment when there is a feeling of heat.

  • If the drug is used in the therapy of arthritis, eczema, erysipelas, burn , place on which it is applied it is necessary to cover with a gauze napkin, from the top we fix with plaster.Change of such bandages should be carried out daily.
  • If you use the drug in the therapy of staphyloderma, streptodermia , you need to do the applique.For this procedure, 10% glycerin lotion is used.Under the top of the applied bandage, a parchment paper should be placed.Change the bandage several times a day.
  • This ointment is also often used by in the therapy of gynecological diseases .For this, tampons are made, they are moistened in glycerol solution( 10%).Tamponades with this drug are performed several times a day.Before their introduction into the rectum it is necessary to clean the intestines by means of an enema.Also, tampons can be administered after cleansing of the intestine, which occurs spontaneously.
  • To carry out treatment of boils, hydraenite use "ichthyol cakes".Such treatment is performed as follows:
    • 2 grams of ointment are applied over the boil.
    • Over the top of the medication, a cotton swab is applied.
    • Fixation of an ichthyol impregnated tampon on the skin is performed by means of a patch.
    • Such tamponades should be replaced after 8-10 hours.Improvement will be noticeable after the first day of therapy.
  • For , use of the ointment on the face of is recommended to dilute with glycerin and make sure that it does not get into the eyes.
  • During pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding , the ointment should only be used after assessing the benefits to the mother, the likely risk to the developing fetus, the newborn.If the drug is used by a pregnant woman, care should be taken to ensure that it does not get on the nipples.After all, in this case, the ointment can enter the child's body.
  • In the treatment of children under 6 years of age, is prohibited from using this medication because the experience with this age group is limited.The benefits of therapy are in doubt, and the risk of ingestion of ichthyol into the children's body( through the mouth) is very high.


  • The drug is not allowed for use in the presence of increased individual sensitivity.
  • Children under 6 years old.

Side effects

Occasionally, patients may experience an allergic reaction, pruritus, rash.They usually appear at the beginning of therapy, sometimes after using the remedy for an extended period.

Special instructions

  1. When using the ointment, care should be taken to ensure that it does not fall on the mucosa of the eyes, mouth.
  2. It is necessary to apply "Ihtiol ointment" only externally.
  3. It is forbidden to apply the product over open wounds.

Interaction with other medicines

Ichthyol ointment The drug is not recommended to be used in conjunction with preparations used for topical use in one area of ​​the epithelium. An unpredictable reaction may occur due to the formation of new compounds while using an ointment with topical medications containing:

  • heavy metals;
  • iodine;
  • salts;
  • alkaloids.


The drug is ideal for pulling pus from the subcutaneous tissue, as well as for resorption of acne.Many girls, using the drug on the recommendation of a doctor or girlfriends, were just delighted.Of course, it is advisable to use ointment on a day off so that you can apply it several times to a sick site.

People who have encountered such a problem as pimples, scrapes, leave only positive responses about "Ihtiol ointment".It fits almost everyone and perfectly copes with the problem in the form of inflammations on the epithelium.And the allergy appears in very rare cases.

The video below presents a review of a young girl suffering from acne, about ichthyol ointment:


Not a single drug can replace "Ihtiol ointment".But the following medicines have a similar effect:

  • "Liniment of Vishnevsky".
  • "Ilon".
  • "Antiseptol N".
  • "Chlorophyllite".

All these drugs are relatively inexpensive, they are dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription.A lot of controversy raises the question of what is better, ichthyol ointment or Vishnevsky, but everything depends on the specific case.