Microbial eczema on the hands and feet: treatment, causes, ointment

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Eczema

Microbial eczema The lesion is usually located on the lower limbs, which is caused by the often worsened blood circulation.The pockets of the rashes are so large that there may not be areas of healthy skin between them.In the inflamed area of ​​the skin, there are both wet areas and pustules with serous or purulent contents.

Eczema of this species is characterized by an abundant amount of purulent crusts that grow.During the course of the disease, a strong itch is felt.

Sometimes the wrinkling is not too pronounced.In such cases, on the surface of the rash, large strata of scales are formed.It is very easy to remove them, because under them there is a smooth skin without erosive areas.


Diagnosis is usually established already at the time of the first admission and inspection.A special role is played by the features of the clinical picture of the disease, namely, its course is secondary, i.e. against the background of the underlying problem( trauma, varicose, etc.).Conduct laboratory tests only to est

ablish the causative agent of eczema, which is important for individual selection of antibiotics.Bacteriological sowing can be replaced by scraping on pathogenic fungi, if there is a suspicion that they are the causative agent.

Histological examination is prescribed only if the condition is difficult to diagnose.For examination from the field of microbial eczema, a biopsy is taken.His study allows you to determine the presence of acanthosis, lymphoid infiltration, spongiosis, edema of the dermis.

Differentiate the disease from other types of eczema, family pemphigus( benign course), reticulosis, dermatitis, psoriasis.


Therapeutic way

The most important thing is given to the treatment of the disease that triggered the microbial eczema.Therapy is different, therefore in this case the recommendations are given only by the doctor individually.

  • For topical use, use antimycotic and antibacterial agents, as well as antipruritic agents.
  • Moisture is prevented by antiexudative ointments.
  • Antibacterial agents are good in the treatment of microbial eczema, especially on the basis of birch tar and naftalannoy oil.In addition, they have a drying effect and promote healing.

Physiotherapy is used when the acute process is attenuated.At this stage, usually used procedures such as:

  • ultraviolet,
  • laser therapy,
  • ozone therapy,
  • magnetotherapy.

Adherence to hygiene and hypoallergenic diet are important stages of therapy and prevention of exacerbation of the disease. You should try to avoid any injuries.Throughout the treatment period, it is better to hide foci of the disease under antiseptic bandages.Do not expose your skin to rain, frost, snow or sun.

About the ointments and other medicines for the treatment of microbial eczema on the hands and feet will tell the next section.

The famous doctor tells about the treatment of eczema:

Drug medication

The choice of preparations for the treatment of eczema should be performed by a doctor.Most often, these medicines are used:

  • sedatives;
  • vitamins of group B;
  • Diazolin, Loratadine, Suprastin and other desensitizing agents;
  • antihistamines.

If the inflammatory process begins to spread or transform into a true eczema, glucocorticosteroids and strong antibiotics are added to drug therapy.For the treatment of microbial eczema with folk remedies at home, read on.

Folk methods

Microbial eczema on Microbial eczema is not treated completely at home, so folk recipes can not prevent it.The use of medicines is mandatory, they can not be replaced by any self-made means.It is rational to use them only as an additional component to drug therapy.

  1. Effectively use fish oil as a lotion.The duration of this procedure is limited to 3 days.
  2. Allow to remove inflammation of the application and lotion based on resorcinol, boric acid.
  3. It is useful to make lotions based on natural antiseptics( for example, chamomile).

It is best to limit the local use of folk remedies due to the danger of aggravating the situation with inflammation.It will be much more useful to take fortified decoctions inside, and if the patient has problems with blood circulation, then it is worthwhile to use decoctions aimed at improving the functioning of the circulatory system.

Prevention of the disease

The timely treatment of all pathologies against which microbial eczema develops is of fundamental importance in the therapeutic measures against microbial eczema.

In the future, it is important to carefully treat your health, monitor the circulatory system and exercise regularly.Careful hygiene and following the doctor's instructions are important steps in preventive measures.

Complications of

If you avoid eczema therapy, it will gradually lead to the fact that allergic rashes become permanent.Because of the susceptibility of the body to viruses, there is a risk of contracting herpes.Both diseases exacerbate each other so much that even a lethal outcome is possible.

The prognosis, which has a numeral and other types of microbial eczema, is presented below.


In general, the forecast is considered favorable, since microbial eczema is treatable because of treatment. Difficulties arise only in the elderly or in those whose body is weakened.In such cases, therapy can be prolonged.

Improper therapy or re-injury of the area with eczema worsens the prognosis, as the risk of a secondary wave of allergic rashes is higher.Both processes of the disease merge, aggravating the wetness, and then spreads to the healthy skin.At this stage, the wet eczema flows into the true one.

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