Hydradenitis in the groin in women and men: treatment, autopsy, symptoms

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Hydradenite

Causes of

Hydradenitis in the groin The causative agent of the disease penetrating the sweat and sebaceous glands, hair bulbs, is a coarse-grained colony of bacteria - Staphylococcus aureus. Penetration occurs with inaccurate shaving, insufficient personal hygiene.Less frequently, streptococcal and other prokaryotic representatives are found in lesions.

Not every contact with a dangerous bacterium ends with hydradenitis.To activate pathogenic bacteria, one or more factors are needed, which include:

  • age hormonal splash, hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, childbirth;Hormonal diseases;
  • excessive sweating;
  • metabolic disorders in the body;
  • decrease in the body's immune forces;
  • synthetic tight clothing, including - underwear;
  • permanent wearing of synthetic clothing;
  • inadequate personal hygiene.


In accordance with the steps described above, the pain sensations increase, the temperature rises.It is worth noting that, regardless of the number of abscesses with holes, necrotic rods in each of them

are absent.Often, patients with inguinal hydraenitis complain of headache and febrile seizures.

The disease can seize subcutaneous adipose tissue, in this case phlegmon is attached to the hydranenite.If lymphatic vessels are involved in the affected focus, lymphadenitis develops.

In the chronic form of hydradenitis, affected foci are found at different stages of progress. Lack of medical care for chronic hydradenitis sometimes resulted in death.


The diagnostic set of methods is small, since the bright symptoms show the specificity of the disease.Differentiation of the diagnosis of "inguinal hydra" is followed by furunculosis.This requires a medical examination and palpation of lesions.Similarity of diseases will be in the hyperemic area, the allocation of purulent masses, but it is enough not to see and not probe the necrotic rods to state not in favor of furunculosis.

With kollikvativnym tuberculosis, hydradenitis will differ in the course of the course of illnesses( in collibacative tuberculosis the period of development of pathology is slower) and the degree of soreness of the nodes.With tuberculosis, red-blue nodes during touch and palpation do not cause painful sensations.

Laboratory methods of blood testing revealed a characteristic for the disease increase in the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation and leukocytosis.If there are numerous relapses of the disease, it is necessary to identify the characteristics of the resistance of the organism to different substances with the help of an immunogram.

About which doctor to contact, having hydradenitis in the groin, we will tell below.



Hydradenitis in the groin Therapeutic options for the treatment of inguinal hydra is only performed under medical supervision:

  • autohemotherapy;
  • immunotherapy with prescription of drugs for general strengthening effect on the body;
  • ultrasonic and ultraviolet irradiation;
  • dry heat;
  • walks in nature.

How to treat purulent hydradenitis in the groin, inguinal area, we will tell below.


The medical direction should take into account the patient's condition, the stage of development.The usual treatment regimen includes antibacterial agents, nitrofurans, sulfonamides.

At the stage of purulent discharge and in its precursor, 2 times a day, applying to the affected foci lozenges from ichthyol ointment.


Operative intervention is performed only in the presence of an abscess.To do this, it is opened and washed with antiseptic solutions.Further treatment will be directed to the exclusion of rubbing pus into the skin, so the wounds are not bandaged with cotton wool, and the bactericidal plaster is applied to the site of the operation and the entire affected area.

In the initial stage of the disease, independent treatment is possible, if at the end of the disease a proper effect is observed.To this end, the dry heat method is used: a hot terry towel, ironed with an iron, is applied to the groin area.The procedure is carried out for 15 minutes several times in laziness( at least 3).

To prevent the spread of the disease to neighboring areas, it is better to shave all of the inguinal area or at least the affected areas. During the treatment of hydradenitis, hot baths should not be taken because of the rapid spread of the infection. It is advisable to take a slightly warm shower with a patch applied to the affected groin section.

Folk methods

In contrast to the therapy, traditional treatment of affected areas with alcohol tinctures of sophora, St. John's wort, eucalyptus and sea buckthorn oils, and Kalanchoe juice.

Prevention of disease

Hydradenitis in the groin Personal hygiene is considered to be the first measure to prevent hydradenitis.Obese people are desirable to lose weight, normalize the diet.

The process of shaving the groin should be neat and avoid irritation.With close synthetic clothing is better to leave.


There are many variants of complications after hydradenitis( sepsis, chronic form).The most dangerous of them is a lethal outcome in the absence of treatment.


The prognosis of the disease at any stage is favorable, but treatment will quickly return the patient to symptom relief in early treatment.

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