Hydradenitis under the arm: treatment at home, symptoms, causes, prevention

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Hydradenite

Almost all tissues of a living organism can undergo inflammatory processes, the epithelial glandular tissue of the exocrine glands is not an exception.A variety of exocrine glands are the sweat glands bordering on the mass embryology of the body parts: armpits, groin, head.The inflammatory process in such glands is called hydradenitis, and the accumulations of sweat glands in these areas are the apocrine glands.Let's talk today about gidradenit under the arm, its causes, symptoms and treatment, consider photos and videos.

Features of the disease


The popular name of hydradenite in the armpit has long been dubbed "a breech" due to the analogy of the morphological trait.Dog's nipples resemble abscesses of the skin in the armpits.In addition to underarms, hydradenitis is prone to develop in the groin, on the genitals( scrotum and large labia), in the place of the buttocks touching the anus, under the mammary glands, on the scalp.

Acute inflammation, often accompanied by a purulent abscess

, occurs from adolescence and ends in the menopausal period.Girls and women are more likely to suffer from the disease for several reasons.One of them is the earlier puberty of girls.

Despite the true locus of localization in the apocrine glands under the armpits, the code of which begins with L 75, the disease is classified as a pathology in hair bulbs, starting with L 73. This discrepancy is due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure and functioning of the apocrine glands, the excretory ducts of which excrete the contentsInto the cavity of the hair bulb.

Many people are wondering if it's possible to sunbathe if under the arm is hydradenite?Solar baths, as well as quartz, ultraviolet irradiation, are physiotherapeutic tools for combating skin pathology.Many patients managed to heal hydradenitis at an early stage, sunbathing at the cottage with raised armpits.

More details on the features of axillary hydradenitis will be told by this video:

Age and Sexual Dependence

Axillary hydradenitis is not peculiar to the elderly, when the hormonal level is at a low level in comparison with people of mature age. During the period of hormonal bursts( adolescence, precursor of menopause, pregnancy, etc.), hydradenitis appears most often.

Pregnant women should be careful about the timely treatment of the disease, if any, unexpectedly.Immune forces, working for 2 organisms, do not always cope with their task and, in the occurrence of pathology, are depleted even more.For these reasons, hydradenitis in a pregnant woman does not tolerate connivance.If the disease is in its early stages, a course of antibiotics is not prescribed so as not to harm the fetus.

With the development of a purulent process with the progress of the disease, the course of antibiotic therapy is prescribed, despite the possible harm for the unborn child.Otherwise, the purulent process for a fruiting woman can result in sepsis and death.The woman's malaise and other symptoms accompanying the pregnancy under the influence of hydradenitis are amplified, which affects the overall well-being of the woman.The cause of axillary hydradenitis in a fetal woman is either a cold or an exacerbation of herpes infection.

Classification and stages

Hydradenitis under armpit treatment There are several forms of axillary hydradenitis:

  1. Acute purulent form. Pathology develops due to blockage of apocrine sweat and sebaceous glands.Among patients with this form of the disease are people who are poorly caring for axillary depressions.Hydradenitis in this form proceeds as a typical inflammation in the body: low-grade fever, sometimes rising to a level of 38 degrees, malaise, discomfort, developing into pain in the armpits.A purulent form is a life-threatening patient if he does not seek treatment from a doctor.
  2. With adequate armpit care, but not a neat shave, the tender skin of this area may be injured.Staphylococcal or other kind of pathogenic microflora gets into scratches and sores. nodular hydradenitis begins to form, tending to develop into purulent if there is no treatment.
  3. Chronic hydratenitis is often referred to as a recurrent form, which is characterized by a purulent process that lasts a long time.The disease often manifests itself at certain intervals of time with an acute purulent phase.The area of ​​the apocrine glands, affected by inflammation, is increasing.The absence of treatment of purulent processes is dangerous septic consequences with a threat to the life of the patient.

Like inguinal hyderenitis, the axillary develops with the passage of the stages for 10 days.The first stage is observed in the formation of nodal formations of dense consistency.

  • Using the palpation method, it is possible to grope under the mouse multiple sites that are not accompanied by soreness when touched.
  • Pains begin to progress rapidly, their presence "marks" the onset of the second stage.
  • The nodes begin to visually increase, the overgrowth of their size is accompanied by a change in color.A characteristic shade for skin formations is red-blue.
  • The mobility of the nodes also changes: from mobile under the skin in the first stage, they are welded to each other and the skin, forming one large ulcer from the mass of small formations.
  • The last, third stage, passes with the formation of pus with a viscous consistency.Pus breaks out of the capsules outward, often it contains impurities of blood.Healing of wounds on the site of purulent capsules results in the formation of connective tissue in the form of a scar.

Causes of the disease

Infectious agent, which is the cause of the onset and development of inflammation in the apocrine glands - the colonial bacterium is staphylococcus aureus. The inflammatory process initiates careless shaving of hair in the armpit, wounds in this area obtained by another route, poor care for easily irritating skin.In addition to staphylococci, cocci bacteria of colonial forms of other types become the cause of hydradenitis: streptococci, etc.

Pathogenic bacteria are found on skin, can penetrate into wounds, but not be active.To activate their activities, one of the provoking factors is required:

  • deviations of metabolic reactions in the body;
  • propensity to profuse perspiration;
  • wearing tightening clothes;
  • preference for synthetic fabrics in clothing;
  • immunosuppression;
  • poor skin care for axillary hollows;
  • sharp hormonal changes in the body during labor, pregnancy, abnormalities in the secretion of steroid hormones, during the transition from the juvenile to the youth period, etc.

Clinical picture

Hydradenitis under the arm with antibiotic treatment The disease develops according to the symptoms indicated in the pathology stages.Common to all inflammatory processes is an increase in temperature, which in some cases fluctuates in the subfebrile range, but sometimes can rise to a value of 38 degrees.The rise in temperature proves to be the onset of a chain reaction of inflammation, when after this symptom a feeling of overwork, a twisting and pain in the head, a chill are expected.

A characteristic feature of hydradenite, which allows it to differentiate it from other pathologies, is the absence of necrotic rods. In connection with a sufficient amount of subcutaneous fat in the hearth bordering the armpit, the inflammatory process can be transferred to the subcutaneous tissue, causing the disease - phlegmon.When lymph nodes are found in the affected area, lymphadenitis can be detected.

The chronic form of hydradenitis often reveals pathological nodes of different stages of development.


purulent hidradenitis sup- form requires laboratory analysis, as palpation and visual inspection can make the symptoms of boils or carbuncles disease.In the third and second stages of the disease, an error may not be excluded from a visual examination with suspicion of actinomycosis or scrofuloderm.

Let's find out how to remove( cure) hydradenite under the mouse.


Therapeutic efficacy of therapeutic treatments are:

  • «dry heat" produced by dry hot towels, hot iron.The procedure is carried out at least 3 times a day, applying a hot object to the formed nodes;
  • heating for 5 minutes with a blue lamp.The procedure is carried out twice a day;
  • heating of affected areas by sunlight until 10 am and after 17.00 half an hour.

These types of heating prevent the development of purulent processes and prevent the spread of inflammation to neighboring apocrine glands.Souls are taken, not allowing water to hit the affected area, sealing them with a bactericidal plaster.

On whether it is possible to treat hydradenitis under the arm with Dimexide and Vishnevsky ointment, as well as with antibiotics, we will tell below.


  • acute hidradenitis treated with triamcinolone with lidocaine, introducing them to the nodes.
  • Chronic form requires the appointment of antibiotics, prednisone, isotretinoin.

Next, we'll show you how to treat hydradenitis under your arm quickly.


The method of operative treatment of axillary hydradenitis consists in the timely opening of purulent capsules and their cleaning.If necessary, the affected node and fistula is subjected to excision.

For hyderadenitis under the armpit and its treatment at home by folk remedies, read below.

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Traditional methods

Inside addition to the basic treatment take infusion mixture:

  • cornflower,
  • chamomile,
  • calendula,
  • Nettle.

The wax of wormwood is applied from the outside with a panicle.

Prevention hidradenitis sup- armpit

Hydradenitis under the arm with antibiotic treatment main measures to avoid hidradenitis sup-:

  • regular shower;
  • use after shaving hair disinfectant solutions;
  • wiping with a tampon lubricated in boron-camphor alcohol;
  • general strengthening measures to enhance immunity.


Hazardous consequences occur only in the absence of treatment.

  • Purulent process can develop into septicemia.
  • Conglomeration of nodes into a single network means the onset of a chronic course of the disease.


Complications of the disease can be prevented if there is no delay in the disease. Timely begun treatment procedures cure hydradenitis completely.

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