Louse( pediculosis): symptoms, causes, treatment, photo bites

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Pediculosis

The louse is a specific parasite, which is a product of the evolution of head lice( not to be confused with pubic lice).The peculiarity of such a parasite is to change its "habits", it lives on clothes, not on the body.The feet of the louse are unable to hold on to the hairs on the human body.

Features disease

difference from head lice

favorite habitat of this parasite are considered old blankets, pillows, bed linen, clothing seams. Louse lice have a number of differences from the head relatives.These differences are in:

  • color.In the wardrobe, it is yellow-white, and in the head, it is brown, gray, yellow with dark patches on the sides;
  • excellent cold tolerance;
  • by a parasitic environment( creases of clothing, not hair);
  • appearance.

This evolved parasite causes a person such a disease as a pediculosis.After their bites, the patient has a skin lesion that manifests itself in the form:

  • papules;
  • blisters that have a blood crust in the center;
  • pigmented spots.

How are biting lice( p


Pediculosis dressing

habitat and appearance of parasites

lice prefer:

  • unsanitary conditions;
  • pleasant perfume fragrances;
  • natural fabrics( linen, cotton).

You can infect this parasite anywhere:

  • in a hotel;
  • on the market( after fitting clothes).

This parasite is very tenacious.He can live in an open environment for several days.It starts to multiply only after it gets into the habitual environment.The louse reproduces very rapidly, for a lifetime( about 35 days) it lays about 300 eggs.

Eggs are elongated and their size is only 0.5 mm.To clothing eggs( they are called nits) are attached due to the sticky substance with which their shell is covered.They mature through the warmth of the human body.Complete larval maturation occurs after three lines.The size of the larva is 1.5-2 mm, externally they are similar to adults.

Next we will tell you about where the louse-lice come from.

That is pediculosis corporis, tell this video:


way to spread lice appear:

  1. Prolonged body contact with the carrier parasites.The speed of movement of these insects is scanty( about 20 cm / min).They crawl from the clothes of a sick person to clothing healthy.
  2. Locations of mass congestion of people .The parasite is transmitted in educational institutions, kindergartens, public transport.
  3. Fitting clothes in the natural markets of second-hand clothes( second hand).


Pediculosis The appearance of body lice show the same symptoms that are characteristic of all the known head lice.Such attributes include:

  1. Presence of traces from bites, which usually heal independently after 4 days.
  2. The occurrence of severe itching at the site of the bite and around it.In the wound the parasite injects an anesthetic secret, because of which the blood does not fold.
  3. Appearance( in some cases) of an allergic reaction.Usually an allergy is accompanied by a rash on the dermis.In more severe cases, there may be nausea, fever, headache, digestive system disorders.
  4. Appearance of bluish spots on the dermis with a large number of bites.
  5. The emergence of insomnia, nervous disorders due to constant itching.

parasite bites often occur at such places:

  • neck;
  • waist;
  • armpits;
  • shoulders;
  • small of the back;
  • back( its upper part).

These are the symptoms that indicate infection with clothing lice.Finding them is very difficult, because she is hiding in the folds of her clothes.Therefore, if a scratch is found, the wound on the dermis should be visited by a dermatologist.

On how to detect clothing lice, we will tell below.


The basis of the diagnosis is the detection on the body of the characteristic damage, and on clothing nits, living parasites.About the remedy for clothing lice read below.

For the inspection of the louse, this video will be described:

Treatment of lice lice

The treatment of lice in the pediculosis takes a little time, but it is advisable to apply to the sanitary services.Specialists will appoint special means for processing the room, and will also advise a suitable remedy for the patient.

Drug and therapeutic methods

To get rid of the lapic lice, it is necessary to process:

  • all things;
  • body.

Handling of things

Pediculosis Handling of things is:

  1. Collecting all infected things.
  2. Washing in a washing machine at a maximum temperature with the addition of vinegar or insecticide.In the absence of such an opportunity, it is advisable to use dry cleaning services.
  3. Carry out dressing in steam-formalin chambers.
  4. To hang out clothes for frost( in winter).Keep the laundry for at least a week at a temperature below -20 ° C.
  5. After washing, the laundry should be ventilated for 2 weeks.
  6. It is recommended to boil all the things of the patient.
  7. You can put things a patient with pediculosis in a tight package, insert into the package an anti-neoplastic remedy( "Sulphidosis", "Carbophos").

For the destruction of lice, you can use such effective means:

  • "MediFox".
  • "Pedilin".
  • "NOC".
  • Carbofos.
  • "Bubil".

Treatment of the body with a pediculicide agent consists of the following:

  1. Thorough washing of the body.
  2. Application of a pediculicide.
  3. Body washout with soap.
  4. Dressing new clothes that are pre-ironed with a hot iron.

Bite handling

Bite handling:

  1. You can use balsam "Rescuer", "Asterisk" to handle epithelial damage.
  2. The histamine is used for allergy.
  3. Antibacterial, disinfectants are used in the development of complications of lice, which manifest themselves as pustular lesions.

Sprays, lotions, shampoos are used to treat the body.Very effective means against the body lice on the body are:

  • "Pair Plus";
  • "Nit Free";
  • "Nittifor".

These drugs are applied to the body, especially the affected areas of the epithelium.After applying the remedy for lice, you should turn polyethylene.After the specified time, the product is washed off.

On how to get rid of at home from such an ailment as a clothing lice, read below in the article.

At home

Pediculosis You can get rid of lice with the help of folk remedies.Unambiguously, there will be such methods:

  1. Hanging tansy in places of drying, ventilation of clothes.Decoction with tansy can rinse the body after bathing.The smell of this plant is not tolerated by parasites.
  2. For wounds to heal the affected areas, it is recommended to lubricate with ointment prepared at home.Its components are: baby cream, pork fat, roots of white cheddar, angelica( dry).
  3. To kill nits, you can use the acid of cranberry juice.
  4. Bed disinfection can be done with 20% kerosene soap solution, emulsion of carbophos( 0.15%).

Prevention of the disease

  • To avoid the occurrence, reproduction of lice, you need to monitor the purity of the hair, the body.Compliance with hygiene is considered in this case the best method of prevention.
  • Clothes must be washed in time, changed.
  • It is recommended to avoid places with a high risk of infection with pediculosis.
  • It is undesirable to wear other people's things, underwear.

How to protect yourself from parasites like clothes lice, this video will tell:

Complications of

In case of prolonged illness, the following types of complications can occur with lice:

  • ulcerative epithelial lesions;
  • nerve disorders;
  • development of allergic reactions;
  • typhus.


If you conduct activities aimed at destroying louse head correctly, then the prognosis of a pediculitis is good. If you do not start treating this problem, lice can multiply for several years. Negligent attitude towards the disease is dangerous by the development of complications.