Folk remedies for diaper rash: in newborns, in children, in adults

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Dermatology

The appearance of diaper rash is usually associated with the location of skin folds near each other, the absence in such places of sufficient ventilation and increased humidity.Treatment of diaper rash is associated with the restoration of microflora in places of skin folds, improvement of skin condition.The methods of treatment can vary significantly, however, the methods of folk medicine are excellent at dealing with the manifestation of diaper rash, the removal of high humidity in the places of their formation and at the same time are characterized by a minimal number of possible side effects.

Thanks to the variety of methods of influence, folk medicine takes into account both the general condition of the skin, the specificity of the formation of diaper rash, and provides the best conditions for their prompt elimination.Depending on the location of places with diaper rash may be somewhat different and the methods of treatment.Easily accessible places on the body can be exposed to frequent rinsing with

selected medications and ointments, and more difficult places( for example, under the female breast, inguinal folds, axillary areas) should be treated with specific efforts and special manipulations.

Basic rules for the use of such tools

Since the diaper rash is accompanied by such unpleasant manifestations as the itching of damaged skin, its probable soreness, the appearance on it of places with shallow, superficial cracks, it is easy to detect diaper rash.The earlier the therapeutic effect is initiated, the sooner the effects of diaper rash will be eliminated, the normal healthy kind of skin is returned.

When there is insufficient attention to the skin condition, the probability of entering a secondary infection in the injury sites is great, which, with its active reproduction, manifests itself in the form of numerous purulent eruptions.Such abscesses are detected when the diaper rash is running.Treatment in this case will be possible if there is a parallel effect on pyogenic infection.

The rules for the application of traditional medicine are as follows:

  1. Compulsory personal hygiene , which provides for regular rinsing of places where intertrigos formed, disinfection of existing abrasions and cracks on the skin, and drying of damp skin.
  2. The use of neutral detergents , which will not overdry the skin, which has become particularly sensitive and thin at places of diaper rash.
  3. In parallel with the use of diaper rash preparations, use means that increase the level of immunity of , facilitating the regeneration of damaged areas.This will cope with both excessive moisturizing of the skin in the formation of diaper rash with insufficient ventilation, prevent the attachment of other infectious processes.

The above recommendations are simple in performance, and at the same time their high efficiency in parallel use with the means that eliminate the manifestations of skin diarrhea, will allow you to correct in the shortest possible time with unpleasant manifestations and preserve the health of the skin.

Home Treatment

The use of medications in the detection of skin diarrhea can lead to some negative manifestations that significantly impair the overall skin condition.This is especially true with increased sensitivity of the skin, its tendency to manifest allergic reactions.Therefore, the use of methods of traditional medicine will allow and maintain skin health, and not cause negative consequences during the treatment.

The use of traditional medicine at home is quite feasible, since most of them do not require special conditions for medical treatment and procedures, this requires mainly drugs and tools, which are mostly available and widely available.

Taking into account the advantages of such time-tested methods, it is possible not only to eliminate manifestations of diaper rash, but also to reduce the risk of relapse, and to improve the general condition of the skin.However, it should be remembered that methods of using folk methods can be slightly different when used for adults and children, especially in the early childhood and neonatal period, when the skin is sensitive and sensitive to external influences.The main differences in the treatment of children and adults are the dosage and concentration of the drugs used, the duration of their use.

Dr. Komarovsky in this video talks about how to treat diaper rash in a child at home:

Folk remedies for diaper rash

There are several methods of traditional medicine to help cope with the symptoms of diaper rash.The use of natural components that do not have any side effects during use makes it possible to eliminate external manifestations of diaper rash as soon as possible and reduce the risk of purulent infection.

The most effective tools include the following:

  • a decoction of oak bark that removes inflammation from the skin quickly and easily, eliminates excessive skin moisture.When using such a decoction, rapid removal of inflammation, elimination of signs of degenerative processes is achieved.Preparation of the broth requires 0.5 liters of water, which is added 2 tablespoons of chopped oak bark.After boiling it, the broth should be infused for 40 minutes with the lid closed.After this, strain, and the resulting liquid to wash the places of inflammation and localization of diaper rash;
  • decoction or infusion of leaves and bark of eucalyptus has a pronounced disinfecting effect, removing signs of inflammation, eliminating the symptoms of waterlogging the skin.Preparation of infusion broth and also does not require much effort: in boiling water( pint) is added to shredded bark or eucalyptus leaves, boiled for 15 minutes, after which the broth is infused within 30-40 minutes and filtered.The broth is used for washing the places of diaper rash;
  • broth chamomile, which is used in the same way as a decoction of oak bark: for 0.5 liters of boiling water 2-3 tablespoons of dry or fresh chamomile flowers are added.After boiling for 10 minutes, the broth is infused, after which it is filtered and applied as compresses to the inflamed skin, for its lavage;Sunflower unrefined oil.
  • .It should be boiled before use in a water bath before it is cooled to room temperature and used to wipe the inflamed areas;
  • aloe, having a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, increases the degree of skin healing, eliminating the signs of its degeneration.Aloe juice should be lubricated in affected areas, to improve the effectiveness of the product, it is recommended to hold the cut aloe leaf in the refrigerator for 3-4 days before use.

The listed methods of influence on places with signs of diaper rash allow to accelerate the process of skin regeneration, eliminate the increased moisture of the epidermis, which serves as an excellent nutrient medium for pathogenic microorganisms.


use these and other methods of treatment of diaper rash in adults is somewhat different from the measures of influence on the damaged skin in childhood.The concentration of infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants for adults can be sufficient( indicated in a specific recipe), the duration of application depends on the presence and speed of the appearance of positive dynamics during the treatment.

  • For example, a decoction of an oak cortex for adults is recommended to be applied exclusively externally to the lesions, it is necessary to apply 3 to 6 times during the day.With such decoction you can do rubbing of places with detected intertrigo, compresses( not long) to increase the degree of influence, rinsing.Areas under the armpits and in the groin are processed with special care, because in these parts the skin is particularly sensitive and tender.
  • A decoction or infusion of chamomile and eucalyptus is also used by adults in the proportions indicated in the recipe.Frequency of application of the drug is 5-8 times a day, duration of use is 1-2 months, depending on the degree of manifestation of positive dynamics.Skin under the female breast, where signs of pathology may also show, decoction or infusion of chamomile and eucalyptus should be handled carefully: this area is sensitive to external influences.
  • Aloe juice can be rubbed for an unlimited amount of time, since this plant not only removes signs of diaper rash, but also regenerates tissues, speeding up their healing and relieving inflammation.Even healthy skin when exposed to her aloe juice improves its performance in appearance and in protective qualities.

In children

In childhood, due to increased sensitivity of the skin, an allergic reaction may develop, therefore, in any negative manifestations when using folk methods for treating diaper rashes, it is necessary to stop the exposure or to reduce the concentration of the substance used. Decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants for children are used in a diluted form, and during treatment this indicator can be adjusted: as you become accustomed to the drug, the concentration of decoctions and infusions can increase, which will speed up the recovery process.

For children, it is better to use such popular techniques of influence as broths of chamomile, collection of herbs from mint, chamomile, verbena, infusion of birch buds, which has a pronounced regenerative and regenerative effect on the skin.The frequency of application of the listed herbal decoctions and infusions on the damaged skin areas averages 3-8 times during the day, the duration is determined by the dermatologist, taking into account the age of the child and its tolerability.

In newborns

During the neonatal period, the treatment process also requires increased caution.Quickly eliminating inflammation, the drugs used should not cause allergic manifestations.

So, herbal infusions and decoctions should be at the beginning of applying the minimum concentration.As you get used to it and with constant monitoring of the healing process, the concentration may increase, but it should be done gradually and accurately.For newborns, the best way is to use herbal decoctions and infusions, which are then poured into the bathtub.After water procedures should carefully dry the skin and give it a breathe, do not rush to dress the baby.Air baths allow you to quickly pass the signs of diaper rash, and also contribute to the hardening of the body.

How to treat diaper rash under a diaper using folk methods, this video clip will tell: