Intravenous laser blood cleansing: indications, contraindications, procedure, reviews

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Addiction

The number of drug addicts in our country, despite the active propagation of a healthy lifestyle, is growing every year.Some of them quickly die, others - gradually come to realize the wrong choice of the path and with all their might try to get rid of the disastrous predilection.The first step towards recovery is detoxification.Various clinics offer numerous procedures for disposal of accumulated toxic substances - plasmapheresis, droppers, ozone therapy.Not bad showed its effectiveness procedure for laser blood purification, which will be discussed later.

Laser blood purification

Methods of intravenous laser blood clearance was first introduced back in 1980.This method was used to generalize the body by irradiating blood with low-frequency radiation.

Today, with the development of new technologies, modern equipment uses polyfactorial sources of radiation.These include red light sources, a constant magnetic field, pulsed infrared radiation and low-intensity infrared radiation.The light energy of a

wave of strictly defined length acts on the blood, which has a favorable effect on the physiological and biological mechanisms that occur in the body.

The laser method of irradiation of blood is used for various diseases, including in the clinical practice of narcologists.

Laser blood purification is capable for several sessions if not solved, then significantly weaken existing problems.The procedure of laser treatment is practiced in many narcological clinics and recommended for use in patients with chronic alcoholism and drug addiction.


laser blood purification procedure has worked well with in the treatment of severe conditions in addicted patients:

  • relief of withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism;
  • a softer breakdown in patients with drug dependence.

no secret that dependent people often suffer from heart disease, have a variety of serious diseases - HIV, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, various complications of the respiratory system.Part of the restoration of lost health will help the procedure of irradiating blood.There is evidence that VLOK( intravenous laser blood cleaning) facilitates the exit of depression in patients with drug and is used as a way to combat insomnia.The video
of laser blood purification procedure:


Intravenous laser cleansing the blood has a significant number of limitations to the use of:

  • blood diseases, including malignant;
  • severe cardiovascular system;
  • hypotension;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • low hemoglobin;
  • deep vein thrombosis;
  • thrombocytopenia.

The essence of the

method During the session, the quantum energy emitted by the laser enters a large blood vessel and then into the bloodstream, changing the electrical charge of the blood cells.The structure of cells varies, blood flow increases, regeneration processes are activated.The smallest particles of blood are renewed, therefore, the whole organism is renewed and heals.

Many drug addicts have heard about the method of blood purification and sometimes require narcologists to carry out this particular procedure, naively believing that by purifying the blood from toxins they will get complete release from their addiction.This, of course, is completely untrue.

In fact, the following processes occur in the action of radiation:

  1. Blood counts are improved - its viscosity decreases, platelets clotting decreases, thereby preventing the formation of clots in the vessels, and oxygen access to tissues is increased.
  2. The immune system begins to work - the level of immunoglobulins increases, the production of interferons is activated, and therefore the susceptibility of the organism to viral attacks decreases.
  3. Microcirculation of blood is normalized, which leads to accelerated elimination of toxins from the body and improves the flow of oxygen to the organs.The metabolism is normalized, the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate is directly involved in energy metabolism.
  4. Under the influence of radiation, the activity of macrophages involved in the capture and digestion of bacteria and fungal infections is activated.Thus, the antibacterial action of the method is achieved.
  5. Antidiarrheal and anti-inflammatory activity is achieved by reducing the release of histamine and other neurotransmitters causing inflammation, suppressing the synthesis of prostaglandins.Puffiness disappears, pain syndrome is significantly reduced.

Procedure mechanism

The procedure of the VLOK is completely painless, except for the puncture of the vein by the needle, the patient does not feel any unpleasant sensations.For drug addicts, a vein puncture is a habitual procedure and will not cause any inconvenience.

The process proceeds as follows:

  1. the patient lies on the couch and rolls up the sleeve of clothing;
  2. skin on the hand is treated with an antiseptic;
  3. a small device is installed on the wrist;
  4. just above the elbow joint, a tourniquet is applied, then the nurse inserts a catheter into the vein.
Scheme of installation of the device with

Carrying out of procedure of laser clearing of blood

The course of treatment is established for each patient personally and depends on the severity of his condition.It is necessary to pass at least five sessions to achieve a sustainable effect, sometimes this number is not enough, and the doctor decides to increase the course of treatment to ten procedures.

Effect from VLOK

Patients with alcoholism and drug addiction begin to notice positive changes after the first procedures:

  • abstinence and breaking take place without severe pain;
  • significantly alleviates the state of depression;
  • reduces the desire for alcohol and drugs;
  • improving the appearance of alcoholics patients - reducing swelling and bruising on the face, the complexion becomes more healthy;
  • in patients with drug addiction, there are improvements in the course of liver diseases;
  • if you can not refuse to take narcotic drugs, the dosage of psychoactive substances taken is significantly reduced.


Overall reviews of doctors and patients on laser blood purification on the Internet are excellent.Due to painlessness and complete absence of negative effects, laser blood cleaning is well tolerated by all patients and provides a good therapeutic effect.

Those patients who expect from several procedures of complete psychological comfort and lack of attraction to drugs, as a rule, are not too happy with the effect produced, believing that they have in vain gone through a course of recovery.This can be answered that it is not worth waiting for any miracles - it is impossible to recover from drug addiction and alcoholism in either 10 days or a month - this is a long and often recurring process.

To cure a drug addict or alcoholic is a very difficult matter, do not rely on the latest techniques and wait for immediate results.Cope with the disease is possible only with the great desire of the dependent and complex approach to treatment.