Anabolic steroids: properties, harm, consequences of use, dependence development

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Addiction

Medications that simulate the testosterone and dihydrotestosterone effect are called anabolic steroids.Often, such drugs become a real drug for athletes like bodybuilders or bodybuilders who, trying to achieve a quick effect, abuse these medicines.

Anabolic steroids

Preparations from the group of anabolic steroids cause acceleration of intracellular protein synthesis, which leads to severe muscle tissue hypertrophy, i.e. anabolism.Due to this effect, these drugs are widely used in bodybuilding.

In fact, anabolics are a synthetic analogue of testosterone.These drugs help build muscle tissue, increase endurance, provide energy and energy to the body.But with prolonged abuse of anabolics, serious disorders occur in the body.


Anabolic steroids have a very diverse action:

  • The main property of anabolic drugs is the acceleration of the formation of proteins, which leads to a rapid build-up of muscle mass.
  • In addition, the drugs of this group increase the digestibility of calcium by th
    e body, which is important in the treatment of osteoporosis.
  • Steroid anabolics have the ability to accelerate glycogen synthesis, thereby increasing the insulin effect, leading to a decrease in blood sugar levels.Similar properties are of great importance in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Similar drugs are able to improve lipid metabolism, leading to a lowering of the cholesterol level.This property helps prevent the formation of vascular plaques.
  • Increase appetite and restore strength, accelerate rehabilitation postoperative recovery.


The use of anabolic steroids Indications for the use of anabolic steroids are pathological conditions such as:

  1. Male hypogonadism;
  2. Hereditary angioedema;
  3. Mastopathy of the fibrocystic type;
  4. Endometriosis;
  5. With anemia of hypoplastic or aplastic form;
  6. Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis;
  7. With bulimia, anorexia and general exhaustion of the body;
  8. To accelerate recovery after complex surgical interventions;
  9. For fractures, muscle atrophy, post-infection complications, etc.

Effect of

Endogenous anabolic steroids have different effects:

  • Affects sexual differentiation and secondary sexual characteristics in men, including developmentProstate, growth, formation of the scrotum and penis, testis, pubic cord, breast, face and armpits, enlarged larynx, etc.;
  • Increase the mass of muscle tissue, this is the distribution of fatty tissue;
  • Strengthens the production of sebum, which leads to the development of acne;
  • Reduces the level of bad cholesterol;
  • Affects the development of bone mass, etc.

Principle of operation

In our body, anabolic and catabolic processes are constantly occurring.Anabolism is the formation of new cellular structures, and catabolism is the disintegration of tissues into constituent elements.In youth, anabolic reactions predominate over catabolic reactions, which is manifested by the natural growth of the body.But with age, these bioprocesses are first balanced, and then catabolism becomes predominant, which is manifested by organic aging.

The structural structure of anabolics is identical to the structure of testosterone, which ensures the timely development in boys of the sexual characteristics of the secondary type, the strength, endurance and volumes of skeletal musculature increase.In other words, testosterone has an anabolic effect and provides the effect of masculinization.
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Side effects

Anabolic steroids have side effects such as:

  • Pressure boost;
  • Steroid rage or irritability;
  • Delayed liquids;
  • Acne rash;
  • Depressive states;
  • Gynecomastia;
  • Increased sexual desire;
  • Increases in the cholesterol level leading to atherosclerosis;
  • Female masculinization;
  • Hypertrophic changes in the tissues of the heart muscle that cause the development of ischemia;
  • Premature termination of growth;
  • Alopecia, etc.

In addition, prolonged use of anabolic steroids can result in impotence, testicular atrophy, infertility, sperm deficit, anabolic dependence or a decrease in erectile functions.

Harm to the body

Anabolic steroids promise a rapid increase in muscle mass, however, in reality, things are often quite different.With the use of steroids at a young age, athletes risk to bring the body to the point that the natural production of testosterone will simply stop.As a result, as a young man, the man acquires effeminate features, erectile dysfunction develops, the libido disappears, the timbre of the voice increases, etc.

With prolonged use of anabolic steroids, one can not abruptly stop taking them.If this happens, then the muscles are as if blown off, the skin begins to hang, which looks very unattractive.To return the former relief is very difficult, even with the use of all the same anabolic drugs.

As a result, there is a sharp hormonal surge in the body, which can provoke sad consequences like:

  1. Oncological pathologies;Attacks of myocardial infarction;
  2. Hepatic or renal pathologies;
  3. Impotence in men and cessation of menstruation in women, that both sexes are threatened with irreversible infertility;
  4. Psychoemotional instability, manifested by nervousness, irritability and depression;
  5. Yellowish skin tone;
  6. Weakness of tendon structures, etc.

Steroids, despite the analogy with testosterone, are still chemically created drugs.Therefore, like any other synthetic medicines, anabolics first give excellent, even stunning results, but soon the body has to pay for them.Men become effeminate, women, on the contrary, acquire masculine traits.Therefore, one should think carefully about whether the relief "cubes" of such victims stand.
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Consequences of admission

By law, anabolic steroids are prohibited for professional athletes, they are classified as doping drugs.Ordinary citizens take these drugs only for medical purposes according to a medical prescription.Steroids cause a lot of fear, because in many patients they cause very undesirable consequences.That prolonged reception of anabolics provokes the formation of malignant oncology is a scientifically proven fact.

In addition, after prolonged use of anabolic agents, the heart increases, the immune status decreases, and the resistance to various pathologies is minimized.Irreversibly, the patients' mental health suffers - they become embittered, aggressive, hostile to others, often they develop mental abnormalities.

Undesirable effects can affect the liver, provoke pancreatitis.Long and uncontrolled reception of such drugs is fraught with cancer of the kidney and prostate, pyelonephritis and prostatitis, problems with pressure, etc. One of the serious consequences for the body is the development of anabolic dependence.

Dependence development

Development of dependence on anabolic steroids The fact that with uncontrolled and long-term admission of anabolic steroids, which is often found in athletes, develops a drug dependence.Although anabolic and have no psychoactive effect, the problem of dependence on them today is actively engaged in psychiatrists and drug experts.Such drugs do not have a damaging effect on the brain cells, however, with prolonged use and the formation of dependence, they are able to influence behavioral characteristics:

  • Against the background of the dependence in patients, sharp mood swings are observed.
  • Quite often, there is increased aggressiveness, outbursts of anger, propensity to violence, etc.
  • When discontinuation of reception often occurs withdrawal syndrome, which is expressed by suicidal thoughts, deep depressive states, steroid psychoses.


If a patient has formed a steroid dependence, then qualified drug treatment is needed.Prevention of withdrawal syndrome is the gradual cessation of the use of drugs.Cancellation is carried out in conjunction with a supportive psychotherapeutic effect.Usually no drugs are required, however, in difficult cases, antidepressants or sedatives may be prescribed.With the right approach, the patient will soon finally get rid of addiction.