Treatment of stomach ulcers with folk remedies and methods.Where to start and how to get rid of peptic ulcer?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Stomach Ulcer

Treatment of ulcers folk Despite the skeptical attitude of many doctors, the treatment of ulcers with folk remedies is often even more effective than traditional therapy.There are cases when official medicine proves to be powerless, whereas all sorts of herbs, balms and oils based on animal fats help to get rid of the disease forever.That's why folk treatment of stomach ulcers is very popular.In addition to the high degree of efficiency, these methods are mostly available at a price, which is also an important nuance.And there are a lot of methods for getting rid of the disease, but it is important to constantly observe the endocrinologist in order to avoid complications.

How does gastric ulcer treat traditional medicine?

First of all, you should start with "calming down" the stomach.For this, a two or three-day fast is maintained.And do not necessarily expose yourself to starvation.It is enough to turn to a mono-diet, due to which the concentration of gastric juice decreases.It is also recommended during the preparatory perio

d to replace traditional coffee or tea with decoctions of herbs based on flaxseed or chamomile.It is necessary to impose taboos on alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.And most importantly, we must try to avoid stressful situations.A measured and calm way of life is the key to the success of treating stomach ulcers with folk remedies!

After a cleansing and soothing process, you can already use folk remedies for an ulcer.All treatments are conventionally divided into two large groups:

  1. Vegetable products
  2. Products of animal origin

Among the most popular means, thanks to which the treatment of ulcers with folk methods is most successful, we can distinguish:

  • Plantain
  • Seabuckthorn oil
  • Walnuts
  • Honey and propolis
  • Flax seed
  • Red beet
  • Potatoes
  • Pumpkin
  • Aloe

Based onThe above ingredients are prepared all kinds of mixtures, decoctions and infusions.Choose the best folk remedy for stomach ulcers is quite difficult.You can only give a few of the most famous recipes that help get rid of a dangerous problem.

The most popular folk remedies for stomach ulcers

A special place among all known plants used by folk medicine for gastric ulcer takes plantain.Here are just some recipes that help get rid of the disease:

  • 5-10 dry leaves should be brewed in a glass of water.During the day, the volume should be consumed in three approaches.The procedure is carried out daily for 3 months.During this period, the ulcer completely disappears and no longer causes anxiety.
  • Infusion from psyllium seeds effectively localizes pain during peptic ulcer exacerbation.For cooking, take 1 tbsp.A spoonful of seeds and steamed in 100 g of boiling water.Dried the product for 1 tbsp.Spoon for half an hour before eating.
  • You can also take a plantain leaf, which is thoroughly washed and eaten raw, chewing well.After this, it is recommended to drink a fresh homemade egg in its raw form.By using this method of folk treatment, ulcers manage to forget about the disease for many years.

Another great folk remedy for an ulcer is potatoes.The most commonly used juice, but there are cases when the most common decoction also helps:

  • Peeled potatoes are brewed in pure water without salt.The resulting broth should be drunk half a glass three times a day.Treatment is carried out until the ulcer disappears.
  • Take the medium potato, grate it with a small grater, squeeze the juice and boiled water to bring the volume to 100 gr.The drug is taken from the morning on an empty stomach 40 minutes before meals.As a rule, after a week acute pain disappears, and soon the ulcer is cicatrized.

Also popular methods of treating ulcers involve the use of cabbage juice, which is taken 3 times a day for one glass for 6-8 weeks.Among the less common ways is the use of pomegranate peel, shellfish flour, licorice root, wild garlic, chaga.So it is really possible to cure an ulcer with folk remedies.But one should not forget about traditional medicine.In any case, it is necessary to regularly undergo a qualified examination.

How to cure an ulcer with folk remedies in the form of balms and oils?

Even professional endocrinologists sometimes resort to folk medicine for peptic ulcer.The balsam recipe below is simple, and the action of this method of treatment is worth the time to prepare it.It will be required:

  • 100 g of Almagel;
  • 100 grams of Vinilin( Shostakovskiy balsam);
  • 100 g of 1% novocaine;
  • 100 g of honey;
  • 100 g of sea-buckthorn oil;
  • 100 g of aloe juice.

All components are mixed and taken 5-6 times during the day for 1 tsp.The course of treatment is designed for two weeks.

You can also make the most herbal oil.Take 200 grams of ordinary butter and one teaspoon of St. John's wort, yarrow and marigold flowers.Grasses are ground into a powder and thoroughly rubbed with oil.The odoriferous mixture is smeared in a small volume( 1 teaspoon) on a piece of black bread and eaten 20 minutes before the main meal.For complete recovery, you will need to repeat the preparation process.That is, the course of treatment will need 400 grams of herbal oil.

Folk remedy for stomach ulcers Despite all the effectiveness and many examples of complete recovery, any stomach ulcers should be treated with any folk remedies after consultation with the doctor.In traditional medicine, there are methods of approach to the localization of a dangerous disease.Moreover, with complications in the vast majority of cases, surgical intervention is required.And here already experiments with folk methods of treating ulcers can not only be untimely, but also bear a real threat to human life.In other words, traditional medicine should not be perceived as a panacea for any ailments.The peptic ulcer is very dangerous, and only an experienced endocrinologist can detect hidden pathological changes in the body in time and prescribe appropriate treatment.