What kind of meat products can you eat with a stomach ulcer: sausage, sausages, liver, fat?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Stomach Ulcer

Meat products with stomach ulcer Meat products are a valuable source of animal protein needed for body tissues.

Meat consists not only of protein.Fat, water, salts of potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamin PP, B, A are contained in this product.

Can meat be taken with a stomach ulcer?Protein food, which can activate recovery processes throughout the body, must be present daily in the diet of a gastroenterological patient.

But dietary nutrition has a number of limitations, so not all meat products get to the table of the peanut.

What kind of meat can you eat with a stomach ulcer?

In a medical diet, young veal and lean beef, unlike pork, are not a prohibited product.

But nutritionists pay attention to the fact that red meat varieties can significantly affect the increase in the level of gastric acidity.

It is customary to refer beef, lamb, horsemeat, goat meat to red meat.The color of the protein product is given by the myoglobin substance.The older the animal, the darker the meat.Therefore, young veal( an animal is

not older than a year) is a product of white variety.

Crab and chicken are considered to be useful digestible food.Rarely does anyone know that these diet foods contain both white and red meat.In the rabbit, the ratio of varieties is roughly divided 40 to 60.

Chicken legs are classified in red grades, and the breast and wings are considered white meat.

Poultry meat is the most valuable product in gastroenterological pathology.Chickens, possessing Meat in case of stomach ulcer with a gentle consistency, significantly less strain the stomach during digestion.At the same time, they contain in the composition an indispensable set of amino acids, vitamins, easily digestible fats and minerals.

What kind of meat is preferred for peptic ulcer disease?Steam casseroles, pâtés, cutlets, meatballs, meatballs, soufflé, boiled chicken, cooked from fresh veal, white rabbit or chicken meat take place every day on the table of a peanut.

Beef can also be cooked, but it is better not to do it often and during a period of persistent remission.

Liver with gastric ulcer

Liver with gastric ulcer Beef liver with gastric ulcer, as well as chicken offal, are mentioned in the list of prohibited foods.Why is this happening?

Beef offals contain in addition to useful nutrients a diverse group of chemical, biologically active compounds called extracts.Extracts are able to stimulate the digestive glands, thereby increasing gastric secretion, which is unacceptable for peptic ulcer.

The liver of chickens and chickens is a nutritious, low-calorie food with a perfectly balanced composition, often used for dietary tables for various diseases.After all, 100 grams of offal contains a daily portion of protein, necessary for an adult organism.

Is the chicken liver allowed for stomach ulcers?

Despite the fact that dishes made from poultry byproducts are quickly absorbed by the body, high cholesterol and food extracts can negatively affect the damaged mucous organ in the acute phase of the disease.

Cooked chicken liver( preferably in the form of pate) can be served on the table with remission not more than once or twice a month.

Is it possible to eat sausage and sausages with a stomach ulcer?

Sausage and sausage with stomach ulcer Smoked and boiled sausages, sausages - meat products, popular in the diet of most Russians.Will they have to be with peptic ulcer?

Looking through the list of products that negatively affect the digestive organs, it can be noted that only smoked meat is not recommended in the medical diet.

Accordingly, the smoked sausage in the stomach ulcer remains prohibited.

How are things with cooked sausage, is it allowed in diet food sausages with ulcers?

Theoretically - yes.Doctor's boiled sausages and baby dairy sausages, made from quality meat with observance of all technological norms, can sometimes diversify the dietary diet beyond the phase of exacerbation.

How things really are in the production of meat products, unfortunately, can not be said.But in gastronomic practice, cases of production of a substandard commodity are often used, using second-rate raw materials with veins, skin, fat, which negatively affect the diseased organ.

Saline and stomach ulcer

Salo with stomach ulcer Although in folk medicine, and there are recipes for the treatment of gastric ulcer with fat, traditional dieticians do not allow this natural animal product in the diet.In their opinion, fat in the ulcer of the stomach is a fat, hard-digesting food that unnecessarily overloads the digestive tract.

Adults, especially men, find it difficult to change their gastronomic habits.If you are used to a morning sandwich, then with peptic ulcer it is best to change a piece of sausage to a thin slice of boiled chicken breast on dried white bread.

Do not forget that such food is allowed only with an expanded diet, when the illness about itself does not remind.