Meat with pancreatitis, meat soufflé, what can I eat?

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Meat in pancreatitis Practice shows that it is possible to fight pancreatitis exclusively with a strict diet consisting of a limited list of allowed products.Is it possible to include meat in a diet for this disease, and what sorts of foods are best preferred to those who suffer from such a disease?

Certainly, the load on the pancreas, which is especially important in pancreatitis, will be minimal only if eating only fatty meats.So, the diet should include: rabbit, beef, as well as chicken - all of them are absolutely safe in pancreatitis.

There are a number of requirements for the preparation process.So, meat with pancreatitis should be rinsed thoroughly beforehand, remove skin from it, if any, carefully remove all fat, bones and veins - only after that it will be ready for further process.

It is important to understand that in pancreatitis, in no case should you eat fried meat and better refuse even stew.The optimal variant of this product will be in the boiled form, due to which it will become really soft, and accordin

gly, its digestion will not create a load on the pancreas.

Ideal for pancreatitis - meat cooked in a double boiler.No less important is the fact that the dish is prepared in this case completely without the addition of fat, and it also becomes a significant advantage of such a diet.

But from fatty meat: pork, ducklings and mutton will be categorically refused.And all because even if you cook it for a long time, it will be too "heavy", that with pancreatitis it can end very badly, namely, the transition to the acute form of this disease, as well as severe pain, and therefore it is better not to take risks and completelyAbandon such products.

Needless to say, with pancreatitis, even meat, serious restrictions are imposed on not only its variety and fat content, but also the cooking process.And it is very important to adhere to a strict, but so important diet - then the disease will be much less troubling and delivering unpleasant sensations.In addition, low-fat chicken, rabbit and beef are meat that is allowed not only in pancreatitis, but in many other ailments associated with the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and therefore it is better to adhere to such a healthy diet without harming one's own organism, and vice versa, Only benefiting him.

Meat souffle with pancreatitis

Souffle with pancreatitis Meat soufflé is an approved dish in pancreatitis.However, for its preparation only lean and necessarily non-greasy, without excess films and partitions of a variety( turkey and chicken, peeled from skin and veins of fat, lean beef) are suitable.For soufflé with pancreatitis, you can use it only in boiled meat, which is crushed in a convenient way for you( blender or chopper with a fine grate).

Recipe # 1.Souffle meat, steamed. Necessary products: a small piece of pre-cooked beef( about 150 grams), 75 grams of cottage cheese( with a small percentage of fat), 1 egg, cream butter, a slice of bread, 30 ml of milk, a pinch of low-fat cheese and greens( to sprinkle a dishOn top), a little salt.

Slices of bread are poured with milk and set aside for 15 minutes.The protein is carefully separated from the yolk, sent to a completely dry nonmetallic bowl and whipped into a lush foam( you can add a little salt).Meat and cottage cheese are ground.To the obtained stuffing add the soaked bread and yolk, salt, mix well.After this, gently whisked whipped protein, mix the mass should be strictly from the bottom up.Only in this case, the soufflé "will not fall" during cooking.Form for baking carefully lubricate with butter, spread the stuffing, immediately sprinkle with a mixture of greens and grated cheese.Cook in a water bath for 20 minutes.

Recipe # 2.Souffle baked from lean beef ( chronic pancreatitis, remission stage).It will take: 200 g of boiled meat, 1 egg, 50 ml of milk, 1 tsp each.Wheat flour and butter, salt.

Meat souffle with pancreatitis First prepare the milk sauce.In a frying pan, melt the butter, fry the flour until golden and add the milk.The sauce is well stirred, so that there are no lumps, and cook for 5 minutes, set aside.Boiled meat is twisted twice in a meat grinder.The yolk is separated from the protein and sent to mince.Whites are beaten.To the meat stuffing add milk sauce( already cooled), salt and gently mix the whipped protein.

The pan is lubricated with oil and spread out.The oven needs to be preheated to 220 degrees.Cooking time Souffle 25 minutes.

These recipes are just a small part of what can be cooked with pancreatic from low-fat meat, and therefore even on the strictest diet, you can eat not only useful but also very tasty.