Carrots with pancreatitis, can it be raw, carrot juice, puree with pancreas?

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Carrots with pancreatitis Carrots belong to those products that are characterized as the most useful and rich in vitamins and trace elements, contributing to the full functioning of all systems of the human body.

Carrots in pancreatitis are often used by patients when dieting, as well as with the purpose of treating this disease, which is caused by such rich composition of vegetable as A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, K, PP, mineral salts of potassium, iron, Copper, iodine, phosphorus, enzymes, fructose and glucose, carotene.

Still, with inflammatory processes of the pancreas, it is necessary to completely eliminate fresh raw carrots from the menu, since it can cause irritation of the mucosa.In this period of time, you can eat a boiled vegetable, which has an effective soothing effect on the digestive system.


This method of treatment of pancreatitis is used, which is not known to all patients: take in the same amount of infusion of carrot seeds, hops, fir and castor oil and put this mixture on a piece of sugar and eat.Such therapy i

s considered effective in exacerbation of the pancreas, which has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

Carrot juice, diluted with potato in the same amount, has long been the most common treatment for pancreatitis.You need to drink it 30 minutes before eating 150 ml each.To strengthen the effect of nutrients contained in carrot juice, it is worth adding a little vegetable oil.Observe such treatment with pancreatitis preferably within a week, withstand a break of three days and again repeat the course of cocotherapy.

It is also useful to eat fresh raw carrots with pancreatitis, but it is better to grate it, and not cut it, while adding vegetable oil - olive, sunflower, linseed, sesame, which strengthens the action of vitamins.


Carrot juice in pancreatitis is desirable to drink immediately after preparation, eliminating storage in the refrigerator.For all the benefits of carrot juice for the pancreas, it is still not advisable not to overdo this treatment, it is necessary to limit yourself to consuming 500 ml of juice per day.

With regular and systematic consumption of carrot juice, there is an improvement in the pancreas, and if the diet is followed, the carrot included in the daily diet of the patient will allow him to permanently get rid of pancreatitis.

How to cook carrot puree with pancreatitis?

Carrot puree with pancreatitis Very useful in pancreatic carrot puree.Only to prepare it should be either a couple or in a multivark.It is important that it is prepared without any fats( even plant) and without salt.


It's very simple to prepare a useful carrot puree.Ideal recipe option for "a couple."The method of preparation is as follows:

  • take 3-4 medium root.Clean and wash;
  • put the steamer and put carrots into it.If it is electropowering, then put the time - 30 minutes, if it's normal, then it's 30 minutes.Important!When pancreatic vegetables should be well boiled;
  • when it is ready, get it and put it in a bowl;
  • using a blender to mash boiled vegetables into a homogeneous mush, or use a "crush" and mash;
  • when mashed potatoes are mashed, you can put a little lean sour cream.Important!Spices in such a disease as pancreatitis should not be, even salt.

This dish is prepared easily, but it turns out very tasty.For variety, along with carrots, you can weld an average apple, it must also be kneaded.The dish will acquire a new taste and get a good dessert.