Pumpkin seeds from polyps - treatment with pumpkin seeds

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Polyp

Pumpkin seeds from polyps Often with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, traditional medicine methods are used.For example, proctologists and oncologists actively advise the use of pumpkin seeds from polyps.Benign neoplasm with wrong treatment practically always develop into malignant tumors, therefore for their elimination all possible methods of struggle are applied.In this article I will tell you why the treatment of polyp with pumpkin seeds is so effective?What recipes can I use with this?

Pumpkin seeds for the preparation of medicines were used even 3000 years ago.Modern scientists, having studied their composition, confirmed the unique properties of the product.They contain a lot of magnesium, potassium and calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin K. They have folic acid, thiamine, riboflavin, fluoride and vitamin C. But the main healing component is omega-3 fatty acids and vegetable proteins, which are well absorbed by the body.

So why is it considered very effective treatment of polyps with pumpkin seeds?They contain special

substances - kukurbitaciny.They can boast of a strong anti-inflammatory effect and the ability to stop the growth of cancer cells.German scientists found that pumpkin seeds by 20% reduce the risk of degeneration of benign tumors to malignant tumors.That's why they are so actively used in folk medicine.


Almost the same results show sunflower seeds and almost all legumes.But in the composition of the described product there are phytosterols, they get into the body, they destroy plaques of cholesterol.Regular consumption of raw pumpkin seeds can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular pathologies by 13%, normalize blood pressure and reduce blood sugar.And this has a positive effect on the general condition of a person.

Effective treatment of pumpkin seeds with polyps is also because they affect the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract in general: their use helps to relieve bloating and attacks of nausea.Systematic use of them relieves constipation, and this is very important for polyps.

How to prepare a cure for polyps from pumpkin seeds?

Treatment of polyps with pumpkin seeds Very well help from polyps funds prepared as follows:

  • Boil seven eggs, take out the yolk and mix it with six tablespoons of seeds, ground in a coffee grinder.
  • Add a half liter of vegetable oil to the resulting pulp.
  • Place the mixture on a water bath and let it stand for 20 minutes.

The treatment is as follows: in the morning on an empty stomach a tea spoon of medicine is drunk.Therapeutic regimen: five days of admission, five days of rest, then another five days of admission.And so while the mixture does not end.You can store the medicine in the refrigerator by placing the oil in a tightly closed glass vessel.

In many, treatment with pumpkin seeds leads to the fact that blood begins to leave with feces.It shows that the polyp leaves the intestines on its own.Of course, it is not worth using such remedies without consulting a doctor.There is a risk of internal bleeding.The course of treatment with pumpkin seeds must be appointed and implemented only under the supervision of a specialist.


As a rule, it is advisable to treat polyps with folk remedies before surgery.For many it helps in the future to abandon radical ways to get rid of polyposis.The recipe for preparing the medicine is very simple.Therefore, many people use pumpkin seeds in parallel with other types of therapy.

Strengthen the effect of tincture of celandine and juice, squeezed from the tubers of red potatoes.