Mucous polyp( hyperemic)

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Polyp

Mucous polyp Polyp is a tissue build-up on the mucous membrane.They arise in any organ, where there is one.Neoplasms have the ability to expand and develop into a malignant stage.The structure of the shell in different organs has differences, and, hence, the growths can also be exactly the same from each other.The gastric mucosa consists of epithelial cells located on the tissue, which includes blood and lymph vessels.Such epithelial cells exist only in that part of the stomach, where hydrochloric acid is continuously observed.

As a result of a long and severe inflammatory process, atrophy or diffuse growth occurs.As a parallel, similar growths are mucous polyps, which are localized by the growth of the epithelium and feed their vessels.


Causes of the appearance of polyps on the mucosa

Causes are often quite commonplace and common.The causes are:

  • Bacteria Helicobacter pylori.
  • People who have crossed the border in 40-45 years are the most susceptible to the appearance of formations.
  • Heredity.Such a reason i
    s called "family adenomatous polyposis" by the doctors.
  • Consequence of resection of the stomach.

Attention, cancer is a consequence of the mucous polyp!

Polyps on the mucosa In case of mucous formation of the stomach, there is a high probability of its growth into a malignant tumor.They are always referred to as precancerous formations, because they have already started changing cells.He at any time can be reborn into a cancerous disease, even if from the very beginning he was benign.It is also worth knowing that not one, not even the most experienced physician, will call the time when a benign polyp degenerates into cancer.

A lot of suspicion should cause tumors larger than 2 cm. But we also need to remember that this fact is not accurate, because there have been cases when malignancy took place from just one small villus of education.


It is known that all cancers of the stomach in 8% of cases originally had the appearance of a normal polyp.

The cause of the onset is often an inflammatory process.It is due to a prolonged inflammatory process that regeneration, delamination and proliferation of epithelial cells of the mucosa occurs.


Hyperemic polyp

Hyperemic polyp Hyperemic polyp in the digestive tract is a fairly rare occurrence in comparison with other species.It is worth noting that many are diagnosed with polyps, where not all education is hyperemic, but only the top.The definition comes from a disease such as hyperemia - an overflow of the blood vessels of an organ, blood, formation or part of the body.In our case, this is a growth with a hyperemic surface, in which there is a glut of blood.