Polyps 12 duodenal( duodenal) gut, bulbs of PDK - symptoms and treatment

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Polyp

Polyp of the duodenum Polyp of the duodenum is a pathological neoplasm that grows very slowly and develops inside the hollow organ.Here it is extremely rare, but is characterized, as a rule, by a positive prognosis.And only in 30% of cases the polyps in the duodenum can degenerate into malignant tumors, therefore it is impossible to ignore pathology.Treatment, almost always, is radical.The choice of the method of removal depends on many factors, so it is worthwhile to elaborate on them in more detail.

When polyps of the duodenum are diagnosed, the treatment is developed taking into account the size of the tumors, their location, the number of polyps of the duodenum, their shape.

If the polyps in the duodenum are small( up to 2 cm), oval and long, they are removed directly during duodenoscopy.A gastroduodenoscope is inserted through the esophagus through the esophagus, equipped with lateral optic-fiber equipment.It is attached to the end of a flexible tube, with the help of a miniature camera, the surgeon is able to examine

the entire internal lumen and test the dimensions of the lesion.


In the presence of single growths, during the diagnostic procedure, polyps are removed in the duodenum, it passes absolutely painlessly.Inside the flexible hose there are channels into which special endoscopic equipment is introduced.With the help of it can be removed polyp bulbs of the duodenal ulcer, stopped bleeding by coagulation, sanitation, laser therapy, drugs are introduced.The instrumental channel is small( the diameter of the tube does not exceed 10 mm), so the procedure is completely painless and quite comfortable for the patient.

When large polyps( up to 5 cm) of the duodenum are diagnosed or are found in a bulb, surgery is of a different nature.In this case, resection of the affected area is performed.The operation assumes:

  • Abdominal opening.
  • Body outfit.
  • The dissection of its wall.
  • Removing the polyp of the DPK.

Polyps in the duodenum During such a surgical procedure, an emergency histological examination of a piece of benign neoplasm is mandatory.If the biopsy shows signs of malignancy, the treatment will have a slightly different character.After the operation, the question of the use of chemotherapy or radiotherapy will be decided.

When a biopsy confirms the benign nature of the lesion, the prognosis for recovery is always favorable.But even in this case there is a risk of recurrence, often the disease in two years is back, and in the duodenum again grow polyps.To prevent this process, it is important to take some preventive measures.

Prevention of polyps in the duodenum

Polyps in the duodenum - treatment In order for the polyps in the duodenum to not form so that their symptoms do not appear again, doctors recommend:

  • Completely abandon alcohol.
  • Learn the principles of proper nutrition.
  • Regularly pass endoscopic examinations( once a year).
  • You have to register with a gastroenterologist.

It is important to understand that the polyp of the duodenal ulcer is a very dangerous disease, at the initial stages its symptoms do not manifest, pathology can be detected only with a planned endoscopic examination.Therefore, those who are at risk, and these are persons with hereditary predisposition, suffering from chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, men and women older than 45 years, should once a year, be sure to undergo gastroduodenoscopy.