Analysis of feces with pancreatitis, light color, loose stool, with pancreatic disease

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Pancreas

Fecal analysis for pancreatitis The diagnosis of "chronic pancreatitis" is put as often as pyelonephritis, cholecystitis.In fact, pathology is not mandatory for the elderly.Errors of primary diagnosis in this case are about thirty percent.The diagnosis is made, mainly after ultrasound, although this survey alone is not enough.Cal at pancreatitis is used for diagnosis along with urine and blood, the analysis does not require special equipment, it allows studying the microflora of the stomach and intestines.

Stool consistency

Often there is a loose stool in pancreatitis, although, usually, it is mushy, in a small amount.The patient should observe it, first of all, by providing the information to the doctor.Important is the color, consistency, quantity.A large number of unprocessed fats is explained by the lack of enzymes for its processing.


Enzyme deficiency will be noticeable by the presence of meat fibers.There is a loose stool in pancreatitis due to undigested fats, it is observed three or more times a day, accompanied by pain i

n the hypochondrium( left), which is often attributed to cardiac disturbances( erroneously).

Fecal color

The color of the stool in pancreatitis during the exacerbation is, most often, pearly or dirty gray.By color, you can identify other diseases and, even, the patient's food:

  • discolored - hepatitis( analysis, usually confirms)
  • green - enteritis, dysbacteriosis or an abundance of green vegetables( rhubarb, salad, spinach)
  • black-green - means taking preparations with iron content( totem, sorbifer)
  • black- a sign of internal bleeding( cancer or duodenal ulcer, stomach) or intake of bismuth, activated charcoal, blueberry
  • reddish brown - proctitis, constipation, hemorrhoids or consuming laxatives, cocoa
  • orange with transition to yellow - milkyI diet
  • brown light - vegetable diet
  • brown / black - meat diet
  • brown dark - mixed diet

Substance form

The analysis of feces in pancreatitis counts several different forms of substance.The main ones are:

  • ribbon - tumor of the rectum or sigmoid colon, spasm of the sphincter
  • "sheep" balls - nerve diseases, ulcers, constipation, while the color is predominantly dark
  • cylinders - repetition of the rectum means a normal dosage of plant and animal food
  • Formless - it happens with an abundance of vegetarian food( in the analysis of a lot of fiber)

Normally, the stool substance is 80% water, dense fractions make up the remaining 20%, stool stones can contain up to 60% of dense substances, liquid stool withUp to 90% water.