Diet number 5a and 5p with pancreatitis and nutrition menu for pancreatic diseases

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Food

Diet № 5 with pancreatitis Internal organs responsible for the cleavage of fats, carbohydrates and proteins that come with food, in case of abnormalities of the pancreas, experience severe discomfort.From this body, insulin ceases to be excreted, the content of sugar in the blood is broken.Enzymes begin to destroy the diseased organ.Diet 5 for pancreatitis is designed to reduce the load on all organs, both chemical and mechanical.For sparing the chemical from the diet number 5p is removed:

  • broths based on fish, mushrooms, meat
  • baking and fresh bread( white)
  • pickles( tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage)
  • spices( spices of all kinds)
  • spicySauces
  • Fatty sauces
  • Dishes with breading
  • Fried dishes stew

The chemical easing of the load on the stomach and pancreas diet 5 supplements the way of cooking.Extracts from foods that are forbidden in pancreatitis are removed in the steamer, there is no crust and when cooking.

The mechanical for feeding in pancreatitis on diet number 5 uses the ban on products:

  • in which there is a coa
    rse type of fiber - radish, cucumbers, cabbage, turnip, pear
  • crumbled porridge - millet, pearl barley
  • rich in starch legumes -Beans, peas
  • coarse bread types
  • meat with chunks - instead of mincemeat
  • whole vegetables and cereals - wipe on sieves( soups, second courses)

M. Povzner created, in his time, a menu of food,Useful for mostTwa diseases, denoting each table number, diet number 5P corresponds with pancreatitis.Moreover, the number 5n has subspecies: the first - hard for the first two weeks after the crisis, and the second - for later use.Diet number five for pancreatitis is suitable for adult patients, adolescents, and children.The only condition remains the normal tolerability of product categories, in the 5n table used.If "Pancreatitis" is diagnosed, the 5n diet becomes lifelong.Number 5 and 5a are not created for the pancreas gland, but for gallbladder and hepatitis diseases, and have much in common with the table 5p.

The liver, the ways of bile withdrawal, pancreas, intestines, stomach and duodenum in case of affection of any of these organs involve the others in the pathology process.Therefore, the diet for pancreatitis 5n takes care of the rest of the organs, just as the table 5a spares the pancreas.The general characteristics of all these tables, including the diet of 5a in pancreatitis, are:

  • fine shredding, rubbing, chopping products for safety of the gland
  • absence of irritants of the liver, stomach, pancreas
  • moderate use of fat and salt
  • products,Provoking rotting in the intestines and fermentation, are absent
  • physiological usefulness of nutrition for pancreatitis, 5a and 5

The diet of 5p in pancreatitis completely coincides with the reception hoursFood in the table 5a.The function of the pancreas at the same time is restored, there comes a remission, turning into a stable( if the organ was not removed during surgery).The infiltration of fats by the liver is prevented, the excitability of the bile is created, a favorable diet for the stomach is created, useful for the intestine.

A feature of the 5p diet in pancreatitis is the prohibition, just like in 5a, hot food and cold, the body receives daily meals up to 1.7 thousand calories, one and a half liters of liquid, 40 sugars corresponding to 400 g of carbohydrates, 15 and 65G fat of vegetable and animal, respectively, 120 g of proteins, harmless for the pancreas gland.Excluded from the menu of patients with pancreatic gland problems using diet 5n, the following products:

  • soda, cocoa, coffee
  • ice cream, chocolate
  • gooseberry, red currant, cranberries
  • horseradish, spices, mustard, sauces
  • brainGoose, kidney, mushroom, pork, liver, duck, lamb
  • fat smoked fish, salted
  • spicy cheese, cream, kefir fatty and sour
  • pickled vegetables
  • vegetables, with oxalic acid and essential oils
  • sausages,Snacks, toNservy
  • pies, creams, dough puff and butter, bread black, gray, fresh

But, little by little, with remission are allowed in the diet menu of diet number 5 honey, juice, sugar, candy without chocolate, marmalade, pastille, jam.