Diet in pancreatitis and after it, diet food for patients, what is needed?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Food

Diet for pancreatitis Therapeutic diets for diseases of various organs were invented by MI Pevzner.They do not have names, they are numbered, some numbers have additional varieties.The diet for pancreatitis is indicated by the fifth number, has two modifications, designated A and P, to find out which of the remaining 14 diets is a preventive food from which diseases can be found on the Internet.All of them are created for sick organs in the process of their recovery after exacerbation or surgery, are dietary.

In order to find out which diet for pancreatitis should be used, it is necessary to take into account the stage of the disease.The following products are completely prohibited from eating:

  • diet does not recommend fast-food of any kind and type
  • fish - carp, sturgeon, catfish, stellate sturgeon and other fat
  • meat diet does not accept brains, kidneys, liver, goose,Duck, lamb, fatty pork
  • vegetables - sorrel, lettuce, radish, radish, tomatoes, garlic, onion, rutabaga, cabbage, white cabbage
  • broths - diet food can
    not include mushroom, meat, fish dishes
  • vareniki, pies, pancakes, Other pastries, confectionery products
  • diet eliminates chocolate, ice cream, soda
  • vinegar, spices, spices with the disease are contraindicated
  • smoking, fatty foods, sausages, canned foods of all types can not be
  • diet with pancreatitis inhibits any alcohol

Patients for a long time live with this disease, The total rejection of certain foods is fraught with the emergence of new problems.Therefore, the diet after pancreatitis welcomes the combination of prohibited foods in small doses.Find out which of them are safe for patients in combination with authorized dietary nutrition, can only be experienced.For example, a long cooking in a pressure cooker peas, an apple in front of buckwheat porridge, and so on.The disease in this case will not progress.

Dishes included in dietary nutrition with pancreatitis are cooked or steamed.To find out which technology should be used, it is possible by viewing the menu.For all diseases, this preparation is more useful, since the dietary value remains the same, the vitamins remain in the products.A diet for patients with pancreatitis, whatever it is used( type P or A), is matched with optimal nutritional value.The daily nutritional norm for this disease contains 3,000 kilocalories.The dietary table daily includes all the necessary trace elements, 400 g of carbohydrates, 100 g of fat and 100 g of proteins.

Diet for a patient using pancreatitis uses only vegetarian soups, vegetables and flour are not passaged.It does not matter what kind of variety is used, porridge is cooked on milk, preference is given to a homogenized product.Nutrition with such milk facilitates the process of assimilation of diet, because, the fat in it is broken into small fractions.Diet in the disease pancreatitis uses fish in which the mass fraction of fat does not exceed 5%.To find out which fish contains as much fat, it is possible in tables on dietary nutrition.It is accepted to divide all fish into three groups:

  • Skinny - fat less than 4%, pike, trout, cod, perch
  • Average fat content - from 8 to 4%, catfish, flounder, herring, salmon( Far Eastern only), carp
  • Fat - above 8%, anchovy, eel, mackerel, herring, European salmon, sturgeon, lamprey

Only a skinny category is allowed for this disease.Which of the others is suitable for a patient in a diet, can only be determined by experience at the time of remission.Use it should be small doses.In the diet can be present cucumbers and cauliflower in fresh form, because, they contain many useful substances.

Diets for pancreatitis and diabetes

Diabetes mellitus and pancreatitis - diet When joint diseases such as diabetes mellitus and pancreatitis, medicine recommends a diet that uses food in the following proportions:

  • proteins - 200 g per day;
  • carbohydrates( fruits, vegetables) - 400 g;
  • fats - no more than 60 g.

It is useful to drink broth of dogrose;Kefir( no more than 1 glass a day) and green tea.From the diet should be excluded mayonnaise, sauces, meat broths, raw apples and cabbage, because these products have a bad effect on the state of the intestines and can cause deterioration in the patient with a diagnosis of diabetes and pancreatitis.

What foods are included in the diet for pancreatitis?

For pancreatic pancreatitis, the following products are allowed:

  • boiled vegetables in a grated form( carrots, potatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, cauliflower, beets);
  • fruit( baked apples, dried fruits, jelly, compotes);
  • flour products( white bread, crackers);Vegetable or cereal soups
  • ;
  • lean boiled fish( cod, pike, pike perch, bream);
  • meat( beef, rabbit, veal, chicken, turkey);
  • non-acidic dairy products( kefir, cottage cheese, curdled milk, cheese);
  • cereals( oatmeal and buckwheat porridge).

Strict diet for pancreatitis

Strict diet for pancreatitis During the acute course of the disease, care should be taken with the pancreas and does not overload it.With an exacerbation of pancreatitis, in the first two days, nutritionists are advised to completely stop eating food.It is allowed only to drink mineral water, soft tea and broth of a dogrose.

If the patient's state of health improves, he is given a strict diet, at which he can, there are only milk porridges diluted with water, and also vegetables that contain a small amount of fiber( cauliflower, zucchini, potatoes).It is recommended to completely exclude from your diet fried foods, raw vegetables and broths.

Gentle diet for pancreatitis

If in the next days the patient feels well, his diet expands.You can use soups, which include vegetables or cereals, fruit purees, compotes, curd puddings.Two months later, in the absence of deterioration, the patient can eat bread, fresh fruit, fish, as well as meat dishes.It is recommended to thoroughly chew all food and not allow long "hungry" breaks.

Tasty diet for pancreatitis

People with a diagnosis of pancreatitis constantly have to eat diet food that can not always deliver a gastronomic pleasure.However, even from such products, you can prepare delicious and mouth-watering dishes.Consider several popular recipes.

Curd soufflé

Curd( 300 g) should be mixed with grated apples( 300 g) and add the egg yolks mixed with sugar and butter.Then, raisins, vanillin and whipped proteins are added to the composition.On top of the souffle is sprinkled with crushed breadcrumbs and placed in the oven, where it is baked for thirty minutes.

Fish knots

Lean fish( 300 g) should be ground with a dried loaf, and then add 0.5 cups of milk.After this, whipped proteins are added to the mixture, and it is thoroughly mixed.Cook fish kneli necessary in slightly salted boiling water.

Diet for Pevzneritis

The main goal of the Pevzner Diet No. 5p is to normalize the pancreas.It allows the use of the following products:

  • Low-fat fish and meat, cooked in the form of fillets or minced meat.With beef you need to remove all fat, and pork is not recommended.Vegetarian soups made of pumpkin, cauliflower or zucchini.
  • Cereals.You can cook porridge on the water from rice, buckwheat, oatmeal or mango.
  • Vermicelli.
  • Eggs( it is advisable to consume only proteins).Curd cheese and cheeses with a low percentage of fat.
  • .
  • Vegetables( potatoes, peas, cauliflower, pumpkin).

It is not recommended for Pevsner to include milk soups, meat broths, confectionery, raw fruit and berries in the patient's diet, as well as spicy sauces and spices.

The right diet for pancreatitis

In order to avoid exacerbation of this disease, patients must follow the basic diet rules throughout their life.

  • Food should be divided, meals should be divided into five or six receptions and in any case not overeat.
  • All products must be wiped, otherwise, food may irritate the gastric mucosa.
  • It is recommended to include a certain amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the daily diet, which should not be exceeded.
  • Do not eat too hot or cold dishes.
  • Patients should refuse to eat smoked, spicy and fatty foods;As well as from sour juices and from alcohol.

How much to keep a diet for pancreatitis?

People with pancreatitis should eat right the rest of their lives.In case of acute attacks, the medicine recommends fasting for three or four days and drinking only non-carbonated mineral water.Then the patient is prescribed a sparing diet food with a gradual expansion of the diet.After his state of health improves, he follows the diet for 9 months.

Diet for pancreatitis - table products

forbidden Allowed
Alcoholic and soft drinks jelly, pureed fruit drinks to sugar substitutes, semisweet weak tea
Eggs only in the form of a protein omelet
Refractory fats( beef, pork, lamb) In limited quantities: refined sunflower and olive oil, butter in qualityve additives to dishes
sausages, salted and spicy food, smoked products, canned foods, seasonings
cream sour cheese in its natural form or in the form of steam puddings, cheese Dutch
Crude neprotertye vegetable fibers, sugar and honey in limited quantities Baked unsweetened apple
Cabbage, sorrel, radish, radish, turnip, mushroom potatoes, carrots, beets, pumpkin, zucchini steamed, or boiled asmashed
Oil-rich fish and roasted Low-fat varieties of fish, better river, steamed or cooked in chopped form or piece
Fatty meats and poultry, as well as roasted cooked or steamed dishes from lean beef, veal, poultry in the form of meatballs, souffle, puree, cutlets, quenelle, rolls
Kashi millet Garnish and semi porridge( boiled on water with the addition of milk) of cereals: Semolina, buckwheat, riceoh, barley, oats.Boiled noodles and pasta, homemade noodles
Meat, fish, mushroom, strong vegetable broths, soups and cabbage with millet Soups Vegetarian: vegetables( except cabbage), cereals( semolina, oats), with vermicelli
Black bread;Products from baked dough Bread wheat of 1st, 2nd grade, stale or dried, biscuits