Endoscopy of the pancreas, gastroscopy with pancreatitis

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Pancreatitis

Endoscopy of the pancreas To date, in medicine, endoscopy has taken a leading position as a diagnosis of pancreatitis and various pathological changes in the pancreas.Thanks to digital endoscopes, you can get a clear picture of a quality image, where you can see lesions of internal organs, diagnose the existing disease and prescribe the correct and effective treatment.

The word "gastroscopy" means the stomach( from the Latin Gaster), Skopeo means to examine, examine, study( from Greek).During gastroscopy, the patient is examined the gastrointestinal tract, namely, the upper part, including the esophagus, stomach and duodenum.The superiority of endoscopy of the pancreas is that there is no other method of examination that would give such information with maximum accuracy and detail about the condition of a person suffering from pancreatitis.


Pancreas endoscopy

Pancreas endoscopy is reserved for doctors who have received special training.What is an endoscope?And what can you expect with a gastroscopy?The endoscope is a medica

l instrument in the form of a long and flexible tube with a lens at the end.A capable physician manages the endoscope on his own to carefully examine the condition of the organs of the upper part of the digestive system.Do this with extreme caution, so as not to cause painful feelings to the patient.If the patient can not cope with his excitement, he can be given a sedative injection.

Before the procedure, the patient will be sprinkled with a special solution in the throat to reduce pain when swallowing the tube.Then the person clamps the mouthpiece with teeth, through which the endoscope will be inserted.This device is inserted during the patient's throat, so the procedure for inserting the tube will be less painful.The air is supplied through the tube for free breathing.


Gastroscopy helps to determine the whole picture in the body of a person suffering from pancreatitis.If a need arises, various manipulations with miniature medical instruments can be performed during the procedure.For example, a doctor can stop bleeding from an open sore or eliminate polyps.

In order to facilitate the transfer of endoscopy, a patient with pancreatitis should be carefully prepared for this procedure.How?

  • It is compulsory to inform the doctor about all medications taken at the moment.
  • Report if there are allergic reactions to drugs.
  • Do you have concomitant diseases other than pancreatitis?If so, tell the doctor about it.
  • Remember that you should not eat for 8-10 hours immediately before starting a gastroscopy.This will determine the correctness of your diagnosis.
  • Examination of the pancreas is carried out only in the inpatient setting of a polyclinic or hospital in specialized offices.