What causes pancreatitis, what is caused, what can cause, complication of peptic ulcer causing it?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Pancreatitis

What causes pancreatitis? The factors that provoke this disease are huge.Chief among them, doctors call the wrong, unbalanced diet, abuse of fried, smoked, flour products.This food is quite difficult to digest by our body.Especially it is necessary to try the pancreas in order to process such products.Therefore, it begins to produce an increased number of enzymes.As a result, the load on the pancreas increases several times and after a while, the organ begins to malfunction.As a result, pancreatitis is diagnosed.This also happens in case of regular abuse of alcoholic beverages.Especially if they are of poor quality.

Often, pancreatitis can also be caused by medical drugs, which the patient, due to certain ailments, is forced to take a long time.Especially if they contain hormones in their composition.Most often against the background of taking medicines, pancreatitis occurs in the female.


In the risk zone are also those people whose close relatives are ill with this disease.Hereditary factor is also included in the list of fa

ctors that cause pancreatitis.According to statistics, in 80% of cases in patients who had this disease diagnosed, a similar diagnosis was previously made to family members.


Completes the list of leading factors causing pancreatitis, autoimmune complications in the body's work, which causes the immune system to start working incorrectly and attacks its cells.

Complications of peptic ulcer causing pancreatitis

What causes pancreatitis? In addition to these reasons, pancreatitis can be a consequence of peptic ulcer.In this case, the disease becomes many times more dangerous.The ulcer affects not only the gastric mucosa, but also the pancreas, resulting in inflammation, as well as erosion.They are a direct consequence of complications of peptic ulcer.The course of the disease is also complicated by aggression factors: the release of hydrochloric acid, pepsin, which causes an increase in acidity.This significantly suppresses the protective functions of the pancreas.Complications of the course of the disease and the presence of Helicobacter pylori bacteria in the body, which, in fact, cause ulcers.They also have a destructive effect on the pancreas, penetrating into it, causing, in turn, pancreatitis.