Pancreas maintenance, preparations, how and what to support?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Pancreatitis

Pancreas maintenance To maintain the pancreas during the progression of pancreatitis, it is necessary to conduct prescribed by the doctors, the correct treatment.We must try to protect ourselves from external harmful factors.It is also necessary to follow a certain diet to maintain the normal functioning of the gland.To eat it is necessary in a measured, small portions, not less, than five-six times a day.Very useful products to maintain performance are low-fat varieties of white meat and fish, fresh home-made low-fat cottage cheese and faint cheese.

Also, to ensure the ability of the sick body to work, you must definitely limit the intake of a large number of carbohydrate and sweet foods.Any ready-made food should be consumed only in the preheated form( room temperature will also be sufficient).Good and beneficial effect on the maintenance and recovery of the pancreas is also food baked in the oven or cooked for a couple.


During the progression of the disease, the pancreas can not produce the amount of enzymes necessary

for the body.Therefore, it is desirable to start taking pancreatic enzymes together with food, thereby contributing to reducing the burden on the diseased organ.And if the patient's blood test shows a low level of glucose in the blood, then you need to add to the diet and such a drug as insulin.

For people who for some reason do not have the desire to take medicines, it is possible to maintain the diseased body with herbal decoctions from the branches of sage or the roots of elecampane, St. John's wort, marigold( also you can use burdock root, wormwood grass, wild camomile flowers,, Horsetail or string).However, it should be noted that during periods of exacerbation of the disease to maintain the pancreas necessary and necessary medications that will regulate secretion.

Other adverse factors, such as nervous tension, the physical condition of the patient, the chemical composition of the air, etc., can also affect the progression of the disease, in addition to food, alcohol and nicotine. In order to avoid exacerbations of the disease, it is necessary to try to limit the harmful effectsOn the sick body and the body as a whole.


Specialists have long noted the relationship between preventive measures and the number of exacerbations of pancreatitis per year.And therefore do not forget to support the pancreas in every possible way and ensure its proper work.How to support the pancreas?

How to support the pancreas? The most effective way to maintain the pancreas in a proper manner is to take special medications in conjunction with a prescribed dietician diet.The main group of drugs include antispasmodics( No-shpa, Raibal, Drotaverin).An effective tool is also the use of combined agents - for example, a mixture of Analgin and Trigan powder.In a number of cases, digestive enzymes of a vegetative nature are very effective, which significantly improve the working process of digestion and prevent the appearance of nausea and vomiting during physical exertion on internal organs.


Some medications to maintain the normal functioning of the pancreas cause an allergic reaction, so before using them, you must always consult a doctor.In particular, this applies to potent agents, such as Creon and Hermitage.If the gastroenterologist appoints these medications, they are best combined with emollients-Almagel and Maalox.This solution will reduce the concentration of gastric juice and reduce the degree of destruction of some vital enzymes in the body.The use of drugs to support the pancreas should be strictly dosed.