Reminder for pancreatitis

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Pancreatitis

Reminder for pancreatitis The progressive disease of the pancreas, which manifests itself during exacerbation by signs of the inflammatory process, is called chronic pancreatitis( hereinafter referred to as CP).

The memo indicates that the frequent cause of the occurrence of an illness is alcohol abuse( in 50-70% of cases);Can cause the development of the disease can and diseases of the biliary tract( in 30-40% of cases).Development of HP in patients with viral hepatitis B and C, manifests itself ailment after trauma and surgical interventions.In some cases it is not possible to establish the cause of the development of the disease.


In the reminder signs of the disease indicate regular pain in the abdominal cavity, diabetes mellitus, violations of the process of digestion of food - all this signals the appearance of pancreatitis.The patient complains of regular unpleasant painful sensations in the epigastric region that spread to the hypochondrium, they are given in the back and they appear after eating fatty foods or alcohol

.The disease can manifest itself: nausea, vomiting, weight loss, fatty stool, deficiency of vitamins, microelements and protein.

Dietary reference and treatment of

Reminder for pancreatitis If a doctor has been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, then it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of a specialist in taking medicines, the right way of life and diet.Following the memo in pancreatitis, it is necessary to limit the intake of animal fats, fresh fruits and vegetables.Products should be cooked in baked form with the exception of roasting, smoking, strong salting.


Foods that should be excluded from pancreatitis completely: vinegar, canned food, fried foods, marinades, ice cream, carbonated alcoholic beverages by-products, fatty meats and fish, chocolate, sorrel, mushrooms, lard.In the memo, a fractional 4 or 5 meals a day is strongly recommended, which should be based on diet No. 5. When exacerbating, you should consult a doctor and, if necessary, do not refuse hospitalization.It is necessary to undergo prophylactic medical examination in polyclinic conditions once in 6 months with obligatory consultation with the gastroenterologist.


The reminder reminds that HP is a disease prone to relapse.Timely diagnosis, taking medications, adherence to a diet - these are fundamental to the correct lifestyle of the patient, alleviating the symptoms of pancreatitis.