Duodenitis and pancreatitis

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Pancreatitis

Duodenitis and pancreatitis Pancreatitis and duodenitis are the most common diseases of the pancreas and affect its site, which as an organ of external secretion produces the enzymes necessary for digestion.Both these and other ailments - inflammatory nature, can proceed as acute, as well as pass into a chronic form.The acute forms of these diseases usually affect the patient, it is very difficult and rarely manage not only without examining the gastroenterologist, but, in the case of pancreatitis - without urgent hospitalization.


Duodenitis, often caused by poor unbalanced diet, excessively frequent consumption of acidic, acute and other irritating gastrointestinal mucosal products.A great influence is provided by smoking, frequent alcohol intake, daily intake of strong coffee on an empty stomach.With exacerbation of duodenitis, the gastric juice comes from the stomach, which not only irritates the inner surface of the duodenum, but also causes its inflammation quite quickly.In most cases, duodenitis is a primary disease, and o

nly occasionally it can develop as a secondary disease in the background of untreated chronic diseases.Accompanied by severe attacks of pain, which can not be stopped independently, in certain cases, nausea and vomiting, a strong bitter eructation, non-stop rumbling in the stomach, signs of jaundice.

The causes of pancreatitis can be as obvious - excessive consumption of alcohol and sharp foods, serious abdominal injuries, and hidden - gall bladder pathologies, unsuccessful surgical interventions in the stomach, peptic ulcer, parasitic infestations, viral infections, and poorly selected medicationsFor example, hormonal and antibacterial drugs).The most noticeable symptom of pancreatitis is not passing and very severe pain, which can not be stopped with the usual pain medication.In addition, the disease is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and general weakness.


It should be noted that both pancreatitis and duodenitis are dangerous diseases, the symptoms of which vary depending on their etiology.For the diagnosis is required biochemical and general clinical blood tests, urine and feces analysis, x-ray of abdominal organs, endoscopic and ultrasound.If suspected exacerbation of duodenitis or pancreatitis, as well as possible poisoning of the pancreas, you should immediately seek medical help.