How to help the pancreas - first aid, what helps?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Treatment

Help the pancreas Normal functioning of the pancreas disrupts the effect of a large number of factors.The work of the organ is impaired if symptoms such as pain, low back, lack of appetite, nausea, weight loss appear.When these signs appear, measures need to be taken to help the pancreas.First of all, it is necessary to make the diet more balanced and correct, eliminating their excessively fatty and spicy food, alcoholic beverages.In order to ensure that the iron functions properly, it is necessary to switch to products that contain proteins and fiber.It is also necessary to change the sedentary lifestyle to the active one.In acute chronic pancreatitis will help cold compresses, which must be applied to the lower abdomen.In acute pain, it is necessary to resort to medical care.To tighten with treatment of acute pain is not recommended, since it is fraught with more serious consequences.


First aid to the pancreas

First aid to the pancreas With pancreatitis, acute pain may occur, in this case it is important to immediately help the person who

is sick, because if you do it on time, you can have a positive effect on further treatment.As an independent first aid it is necessary to put the patient on his back and ensure a constant supply of fresh air.The pain syndrome will help to remove the cold put on the place where the pancreas is located.It is necessary to call an ambulance.Before her arrival, people should not be given chemical preparations or injections.If the doctor establishes an attack of acute pancreatitis, the patient will be hospitalized immediately in the surgical department of the hospital.The patient must be transported in a lying position, on stretchers.The first medical care provided by a doctor includes:

  • Prohibition on the consumption of food and any liquid.
  • Effects of cold.The pancreas should be kept in the cold, including during during transportation.
  • Injection or spasmolytic tablets.With a sharp inflammatory process, pills can not help, so intravenous injections are prescribed.
  • Injections containing antihistamines.
  • If a patient develops a painful shock, drugs such as Prednisolone or Hydrocortisone may be helpful.
  • Carrying out a set of therapeutic measures aimed at removing enzymes from the body and preventing their subsequent production.
  • Diagnosis of hyperfermentemia in the laboratory.

What helps the pancreas?

What helps the pancreas? To help the pancreas, preventing the development of pancreatitis can be moderate when choosing food.If pain occurs in her area, you must stop eating food, water for a certain time.Individuals with pancreatic diseases need small portions and often, thereby helping their work.Also, an abundant drink is useful if there are no bouts of pain.The liquid helps to move freely the food lump on the gastrointestinal tract.Pancreatitis is very often the cause of dehydration due to vomiting or lack of appetite.Alcohol and coffee drinks contribute to exacerbation of pancreatitis, therefore, they should, as far as possible, be excluded.If necessary, the enzyme supplements prescribed by doctors can help the pancreas.Such enzymes help the stomach digest food, so the pancreas begins to function with little impact.