Plantain with pancreatitis and pancreas treatment

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Treatment

Plantain in pancreatitis Plantain is a herbaceous plant, whose healing qualities have been known since ancient times.In folk medicine all parts of this wonder plant are used: leaves, roots, seeds.It is used to get rid of diseases of the digestive tract, pancreatitis, respiratory and genito-urinary systems.


Chronic pancreatitis is usually aggravated during the winter.To prevent exacerbations of the disease in the cold season it is recommended to use an infusion prepared from dried plantain( leaf part).It is steamed like tea in a glass of boiling water.For patients with chronic pancreatitis, phytosboria is recommended, which has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and soko- nomic effects.For its preparation, mix two parts of corn stigmas and chicory root, and one part of the fruits of anise and fennel, plantain, burdock root, wormwood and golden hair.All ingredients are mixed and stored in a glass container in a dark cool place.Method of use: for patients with a weight of up to 60 kg.Brewed 2 tsp.Herbal collection, for people with

a greater mass - 3 tsp.Collect 500 ml.Hot water, insist 45-50 minutes and filter.Herbal infusion is consumed 20-30 minutes before meals.The duration of treatment is 40-45 days.With chronic pancreatitis, a collection of plantain, mint, chamomile, wormwood, croissant and millennia is prepared.3 tspCollecting pour boiling water( 400 ml.) And leave for 35-40 minutes.The infusion is taken before meals three times a day.The rate of consumption of infusion is 200 a day.Duration of admission is 3 weeks.


Pancreatic plantain treatment

Treatment of plantain pancreas Plantain refers to plants that stimulate tissue renewal.In order to prevent violations in the normal operation of the body and preserve the water-salt balance, it is recommended to take fresh vegetable juice from its leaves.Such juice is enriched with biologically active substances and acts much more efficiently than infusions made from dried raw materials.Drink juice for 1/2 tbsp.Three times a day.To slow the growth of pancreatic cysts and prevent pancreatitis, infusion of plantain, calendula and tansy is prepared.1 tsp.Phyto-mixtures are poured with boiling water( 200 ml.) And insist for at least 2 hours.Infusion drink slowly, in small sips to an empty stomach of 50 ml.The total duration of treatment of the pancreas is 120 days.Every 30 days it is necessary to interrupt use for 5-7 days.