Tincture for the pancreas in pancreatitis

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Treatment

Tincture for the pancreas Pancreatitis is a serious disease characterized by a number of painful symptoms.In fact, it is an inflammation of the pancreas.With pancreatitis, the first thing that a patient usually pays attention to is a girdling or localized pain in the upper abdomen.You can also see dizziness, metabolic disorders, vomiting, general weakness and depressed state.In connection with the great development of traditional medicine, the craftsmen were able to select the optimal formulation of the tincture, which can help in its treatment.


As a rule, the ingredients of tincture for the pancreas are widely distributed, and you can collect them yourself.Among the most effective plants, birch leaves, celandine( take alcoholic infusion), flowers of St. John's wort, yarrow( in combination with chamomile and mint), leaves of dandelion, plantain, motherwort and strawberry are especially prominent.Of these and other herbs, beverages are made for the pancreas, using one or more ingredients.So, for example, the agent from celandin

e should be kept exactly ten days before use.You can also use the root of a dandelion, which you must first boil and give a little brew.A useful tool not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of pain in the pancreas is a tincture of propolis.It is ideal to use it with milk.And although this remedy can not heal the pancreas in the case of acute pancreatitis, but at least it will be able to calm the pain before going to the doctor.

Tincture from pancreatitis

Tincture from pancreatitis Birch buds can be made a real miracle remedy that effectively removes the symptoms of pancreatitis.This requires 200-300 g of kidneys.All put in a jar and poured with vodka completely.Place the can in a dark and dry place.In this form, tincture should stand for a month, while it should be shaken periodically, so that the contents are thoroughly mixed.Take it little by little before each meal.


There is another popular and affordable recipe for tinctures from pancreatitis.First, in the mortar, they blossom the flowers of the immortelle, the fruits of the hawthorn( 20 grams of both), chamomile flowers, peppermint leaves and dill seeds( 10 grams of chamomile, 30 grams of the rest).The resulting herbal mixture is poured with boiling water and left to cool.Then the broth should be filtered.They drink it after eating in small doses.