Folk remedies for treatment of pancreatic cancer - herbs, soda, aconite

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Treatment

Folk remedies for pancreatic cancer Oncology of the pancreas in modern medicine is such a disease that is difficult to treat.By its structure, the pancreatic lesion occupies only 8th place among other organs, but it is in the first place in mortality.Experts argue that, most often, any therapy allows only to postpone the lethal outcome.In a situation where classical medicine is powerless, patients turn to people for help.

Popular treatment of pancreatic cancer

Folk remedies for the treatment of pancreatic cancer are mainly represented by herbs, plant extracts and tinctures.The bottom line is that the treatment involves proper nutrition, which removes toxins, gives strength, and relieves pain in case of a tumor in the pancreas.

Official medicine negatively refers to the use of traditional methods of treatment, but since it can not offer more effective methods, it does not strictly prohibit the use of traditional medicine.

Science knows a large amount of evidence that the experience of several centuries of healing with the help of gif

ts of nature brings a lot of benefits and at the present stage.Doctors come to the conclusion that the main benefit of folk treatment is to give people hope for recovery.

Positive attitude is important for confronting the disease, for overcoming depressive states, overcoming the depression, characteristic for cancer patients.It must be understood that traditional medicine must necessarily be accompanied by traditional treatment.Many recommendations are a great help on the way to recovery, but to rely only on them and ignore the advice and appointment of an oncologist is meaningless.For example, the pain is better to stop with medicines, and the medicinal broths will help to cleanse the body well.

Folk techniques have a huge number of variations, but some of them are considered to be the most effective.In nontraditional medicine, even poisonous plants are often used, because in the right doses, the poison can have a curative effect - so recipes are used with the addition of potato flowers, celandine, wormwood and bleached.These poisonous plants in the composition of drugs can lead to the death of cancer cells.

Herbs for pancreatic cancer

Herbs for pancreatic cancer Doctors, and patients themselves, must closely monitor the first disturbances in the pancreas, as long-term abnormalities in digestion, periodic pain, anorexia, rapid satiety, tobacco aversion, coffee can testifyAbout the disease.These changes usually do not pass six or more months, until late diagnosis of oncology occurs.It is at this time and will be effective herbs for pancreatic cancer, and the patient needs to adjust the diet, phytotherapy and conduct the diagnosis of the body.

The perfect folk remedy is a tincture from the plant of a golden mustache.You will need to take the stem and grind it, then place it in a container of glass, preferably a dark shade, and pour alcohol in equal proportions.Herbal tincture is placed in a cold place and subsequently filtered.Drink the product should be a teaspoon after each meal.

Treatment of pancreatic cancer with

Treatment of pancreatic cancer with soda This drug is the worst enemy of pharmaceutics - this is the opinion of Serbian specialists and refuses to use it for therapeutic purposes.

In fact, bicarbonate soda, which women add to baking, can carry oxygen.And, as is known, the abundance of oxygen does not allow cancer cells to form.Soda removes uric acid from the kidneys, prevents infectious damage to the organs of the genitourinary system and helps the pancreas to produce insulin.

In case of severe pancreatic damage, the treatment of cancer with soda is carried out as follows: the drug must be mixed with molasses, maple syrup and honey, stored in a refrigerator and consumed every day.Three parts of honey are added one part of the soda and the mixture is heated on the stove.The course of taking this folk remedy lasts two weeks.

Aconite in pancreatic cancer

Aconite in pancreatic cancer Aconite in pancreatic cancer has been used since ancient times.Aconite itself is a perennial medicinal plant, numbering about 300 species.

This plant produces chemicals - alkaloids are potent plant poisons, thanks to which plants exude a characteristic aroma similar to the smell of celery or horseradish.

If we talk about the tincture from it, then the use of the poison of this herb even in homeopathy is considered a great risk, because to obtain and consolidate the results it will be necessary to take this folk remedy for a long time, starting from the minimum dosage, and gradually increasing it to increase the saturation threshold thatIndividually for each patient.Thus, officially aconite is not included in the approved treatment regimens for pancreatic cancer and other severe lesions of this organ.