Folk remedies for acute pancreatitis, herbal treatment with exacerbation

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Treatment

Acute pancreatitis folk remedies tumor of the pancreas is a serious disease requires complex treatment.Traditionally, acute pancreatitis folk remedies offered to treat phytotherapy( herbal), diet, acupuncture and acupuncture.All of them are easily integrated into intensive courses of official medicine, recommended by the attending physician.

Folk remedies

Some products are useful in the pancreas problems, because they contain substances that are similar to those that produces iron.They help to digest the incoming fat, break down carbohydrates, proteins are processed, reducing the load on the body weakened by illness.In the treatment of folk remedies apply:

  • oats - liquid rubbed porridges cover the mucous, protecting it from the effects of aggressive media
  • blueberries - use decoctions and fresh berries( without restrictions) that normalize digestion, have analgesic effect( topical for acute disease)
  • avocado - no fatsand carbohydrates, oleic acid regulates cholesterol in the blood, useful for the regulation of hemoglobin and
    pressure, relieves stress, are used in medicine for pancreatitis raw fruits, jams and pomace
  • cucumbers - eXISTT folk diet of the same name, which, in addition to vegetables, includes only liquid, puree is rich in cellulose, bitter fruits are considered more useful
  • honey - contains enzymes, it is recommended that doctors take small doses because of excess carbohydrate
  • kiwi - normalizes metabolism,Removes nitrates, strengthens immunity, stabilizes protein metabolism, contains "light" fiber
  • papaya - contains papain, which serves to regulate secretion, active in all media

Herb treatment

Herbs for acute pancreatitis Ostthe first attack and its consequences can be removed much more quickly if used in conjunction with medications grass with pancreatitis.You can use the following plant infusions:

  • Wormwood - decoction, infusion or tincture on alcohol, normalizing stool, relieving pain, swelling
  • immortelle - activation of secretory function of the organ, removal of inflammation, pain

In addition to treating infusions of an individual plant, complexes called pharmacies that have numbering are used.Each of them contains different proportions of popular herbs:

  • The first collection - stigmas corn, violet flowers, St. John's wort inflorescence, stems and leaves of sporrows, dandelion root, anise seeds, juice and leaves of celandine
  • The second collection - mint leaves, dandelion root, Buckthorn bark, watch leaves
  • The third complex - flowers of immortelle, chamomile, dill seeds, hawthorn, mint leaves
  • Fourth complex - the previous composition enriched with valerian roots and arya

In the fifth collection, a herb of wormwood, In the sixth some ingredients are replaced with new ones.In pharmacies all products are sold packed, have the composition and method of application.