ASD 2( fraction 2) in pancreatitis and treatment of pancreatic cancer

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Treatment

ASD in pancreatitis The stimulating antiseptic was created in 1947 at the Institute of High Energy Engineering under the direction of A. Dorogov, therefore, the abbreviation uses its surname.ASD using its second fraction( the third is used externally) helps to cure pancreatitis at the initial stage.It has the ability to dissolve in any liquids.The drug is dosed with drops, the course starts with one, reaches forty.Interestingly, until 1962 the facility was classified, used only to treat the highest echelon of power.

The product of dry sublimation of bone and meat waste at high temperature is an adaptogen.It corresponds to the structure of cells, passes through tissues and the placenta, coordinates the hormonal background, serves as a tissue preparation, a biogenic stimulant.

Advantages of

pancreatitis treatment The following characteristics of the second fraction are important for patients:

  • is a cheap tool available in all pharmacies
  • is not rejected for tumors of pancreatic and other diseases
  • has no contraindications, is prescribed for lactating and pregnant mothers.
  • has no selectivity, rejuvenates the entire body.
  • is not an immunomodulator( it tunes the body to kill microbes, Increasing immunity)

The disadvantage of ASD 2 is the smell.With deodorization, the drug loses its properties, is not compatible with flavors.Healing properties outweigh the unpleasant moments of treatment, addiction to the remedy does not arise.

Increased oxygen assimilation gives the treatment of pancreatitis an additional effect.Contains agent: water, amides and their derivatives, sulfhydryl group, hydrocarbons, carboxylic acids.The liquid can have a color from blood red to yellow, with seizures used for external application of nets in the area of ​​the pancreas.

Effects on the body ASD 2 in pancreatitis:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Increase in resistance to negative action
  • Digestion normalization
  • Increase in activity of tissue, digestive enzymes
  • Stimulation of motor activity
  • Penetration of potassium ions, sodium through cell membranes

The fraction of ASD 2 is used in pancreatitis no more than the standard dose, Which is 15 drops( at the end of the increase) for adolescents, 30 drops for adults.Dilute the product in a glass of plain water.Scheme of admission is standard( five days of admission, three breaks) can be regulated by the gastroenterologist individually.More than twice a day to take the drug is prohibited.

ASD in pancreatic cancer

Despite the fact that ASD F-2 is currently authorized for sale only in veterinary pharmacies it is successfully used for the treatment of cancer, including pancreatic cancer.The positive effect in the therapy of such a serious disease is due to the special properties of the drug:

  • Activation of energy exchange.
  • Improved nutrition of tissues.
  • Strengthens cell membranes.
  • Normalization of the hormonal background.
  • Normalization of the nervous system.
  • Adaptogenic properties.

ASD in pancreatic cancer The drug eliminates the severe pain experienced by cancer patients and stops the further development of tumor processes.With oncology of the pancreas, it can be used both internally and externally.Depending on the severity of the disease, treatment can take several weeks to a year or more.There are many schemes for the use of ASD in pancreatic cancer.Sam Dorogov proposed a 4-fold reception of the drug with a gradual increase in dosage to 50 drops at a time, and modern doctors recommend only a two-time reception of a "biological bomb" with a maximum dosage of 35 drops.

During treatment of ASD F-2 cancer, alcohol should not be taken and meat products should not be eaten.Therapy with this "veterinary" remedy is perfectly combined with the reception of phytopreparations.Dorogov's antiseptic stimulant is combined with taking other medications, and removes side effects from chemotherapy and radiotherapy.