Spastic cigmoiditis and its treatment

August 12, 2017 23:00 | Colitis

Sigmoiditis spastic Spastic sigmoiditis is manifested when intestinal motility is disturbed, accompanied by spasms.These painful feelings are very troubling along with other symptoms of the disease.

Drug treatment is primarily prescribed taking into account the factor that influenced the appearance of the disease.First, measures are taken to eliminate it, and only then they begin to treat the most spastic sigmoiditis.To begin with, antibacterial agents are prescribed, which must fight the pathogenic microflora for its normal recovery.Here antibiotics can be prescribed, which is the most expedient solution.


Along with the emergence of strong painful sensations it is obligatory to prescribe antispasmodics and painkillers.It can be and simply means on the basis of substances of a phytogenesis, or their synthetic analogues.

In spastic sigmoiditis, the absorbing functionality of vitamins and nutrients in the intestine is impaired.Therefore, the use of various vitamin preparations is recommended.

Often when spastic sigmoidi

tis occurs dysbacteriosis.To conduct treatment and prevent its appearance, certain drugs are prescribed.In addition, prescribing pro and prebiotics.


Treatment of spasmodic sigmoiditis

Spastic sigmoiditis and its treatment Spastic sigmoiditis, especially if the disease is accompanied by diarrhea, has the property of dehydrating the body, so a specialist is assigned to take mineralized waters.

An important aspect is proper eating.More specifically, the ban includes fatty and spicy dishes, spicy and fried foods.We will have to give up whole milk and butter, whipped cream and margarine.Fruits and vegetables should be consumed only in cooked or baked form, and without skin.Allowed the reception of kissels and juices.Fresh bread is also banned, it is better to give preference to breadcrumbs.Thus, you will have to give up all foods that contain coarse fiber, a lot of fat and carbohydrates, as well as vegetable fats.


No less important in the treatment of spastic sigmoiditis is getting rid of stress and physical exertion.If you can not get rid of this on your own, then it's worth consulting with a specialist on taking the appropriate medications.