Irritable bowel syndrome( IBS) with flatulence and bloating - diet and treatment, banned food, how to treat medicines?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Colitis

IBS with flatulence The phenomenon of gas evolution, accompanied by unpleasant odors and specific sounds, not only causes a feeling of discomfort, but also creates a tense situation in the environment.With the accumulation of gases in the intestine as a result of the violation of enzyme activity, pain and spontaneous secretion of these gases begin, which a person is unable to control( flatulence).The most commonly associated with flatulence is irritable bowel syndrome.

Abdominal bloating in IBS can be divided into the following types, depending on the causes of its causes:

  • alimentary;
  • is dysbiotic;
  • dynamic;
  • is psychogenic.

Regardless of what exactly causes the increased accumulation of gases in the intestine, they accumulate in the form of a large number of the smallest bubbles, surrounded by mucus.Covering the inner shell of the intestine with a thin layer, the mucous foam complicates parietal digestion, disrupting the absorption and absorption of gases by the intestinal wall.

Alimentary type of accumulation of g

ases in IBS, provoked by food causing fermentation processes and increased gas formation, carbonated and other drinks that are produced by fermentation, are the most common.Therefore, the main choice in how to treat IBS with flatulence is diet and exclusion in IBS with meteorism products prohibited for consumption.

Diet for irritable bowel syndrome with meteorism

Diet in irritable bowel syndrome with flatulence In IBS with flatulence, food is included products that do not provoke the formation of gases, and at the same time ensure the supply of all the necessary substances necessary to ensure the functioning of the body.Among the allowed foodstuffs it is possible to name:

  • meat of low-fat varieties;
  • wheat bread, biscuits;
  • cooked vegetables;
  • gerbera, buckwheat, rice, semolina porridge on the water;
  • lean fish;
  • low-fat cottage cheese.

Among the food not recommended for use in IBS with bloating, the main place is occupied by all legumes and cabbage crops, milk, cream.Categorically unacceptable for carbonated drinks, as well as drinks using sugar substitutes.Provoke excessive gassing with the use of freshly made pastries, bread with bran and rye, steep eggs, smoked foods and fried foods.Diet in irritable bowel syndrome with meteorism developed a special.

It is recommended to adhere to the basic rules of nutrition, which include a fractional meal of optimum temperature, the fluid intake increased to two or more liters per day.Significantly reduces the formation of gas fennel seeds in the form of tea, which is drunk before meals.Eliminate the undesirable reaction of the body to the consumption of sweet dishes and fruits possible when they are taken separately from the main dishes.

An important value for increasing the effectiveness of a diet in meteorism associated with IBS, has a thorough digestion of food.Primary food splitting occurs in the mouth with the help of saliva amylase.In this case, the higher the activity of saliva amylase, the better the food is digested.Conversely, when swallowing food without chewing, it gives an increased load on the digestive tract, which increases gas formation.

A diet with IBS with flatulence does not exclude animal fats, but their amount should be limited, and necessarily thorough chewing of protein foods.This is due to the fact that the digestion of protein foods is slower than vegetable.Getting into the intestines, insufficiently digested food contains protein, which breaks down into hydrogen sulphide and other gases.With the development of IBS disease with flatulence, the abdomen swells, and the secretion of gases from the intestine smells bad.Reducing the formation of gas wheat bran, and adding ginger in the dish, which increases the production of gastric juice, note the carminative, bactericidal and antibacterial effects.

Treatment of IBS with flatulence

Irritable bowel syndrome with flatulence Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with flatulence consists in restoring the deficiency of digestive enzymes and enhancing intestinal peristalsis.In the treatment of flatulence of irritable bowel syndrome, drugs are used from a series of antispasmodics for the normalization of motility.Drugs that rapidly reduce increased gas production include preparations based on magnesium, aluminum, bismuth hydroxides, and so-called defoamers.Also, do not relax those who cured IBS with flatulence, because this disease requires regular preventive procedures.