IBS( irritable bowel syndrome) with predominance of constipation( without urge to defecate) - symptoms, treatment, diet, nutrition menu, drugs and herbal preparations

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Colitis

IBS with constipation Functional disorders of the digestive system affects more than twenty percent of the adult population of the planet.The presence of IBS is indicated by the following factors:

  1. Changes in the motor functions of the digestive tract.
  2. The presence of periodic pain syndromes in the abdomen.

According to pathogenetic signs, the disease is divided according to the type of stool:

  1. With predominance of obstructed defecation.
  2. With the presence of diarrhea.

Irritable bowel syndrome with constipation is characterized by a delayed passage of intestinal contents.The motor function of the intestine is affected by a variety of factors, including the nervous system and the effect of gastrointestinal peptides.According to the definition of ICD-10, IBS with constipation is a complex of disorders of bowel functions that last more than a quarter.

Given that the IBS primarily reflects the disturbance of the regulatory process in the nervous system, patients with IBS with constipation, a pathological reaction to the

disease manifested in depression, hypochondria, and hysteroid type is noted.The main symptoms of IBS with constipation are:

  1. Pain syndromes that can be sharp or blunt, cutting, aching, cramping, burning or flaring.
  2. Solid or bean-shaped feces, representing at least a quarter of all acts of defecation.

Diets with IBS with constipation

Irritable bowel syndrome with constipation Given that the disease is not associated with organic disorders, but has a functional character, the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome with constipation is divided into two stages:

  1. Primary course providing diagnosis clarification and symptom management.
  2. Basic therapy, including diet and medications.

The list of studies includes various analyzes, ultrasound and sigmoidoscopy.The main emphasis in the treatment of IBS with the predominance of constipation is done on the organization of nutrition.Nutrition in irritable bowel syndrome with constipation provides for the cancellation or restriction of the use of foods that contribute to constipation, and the intake of large amounts of liquid.In the menu with IBS with constipation must be present food, rich in so-called ballast substances.A fiber-rich diet with IBS with constipation in combination with vegetable oil and onions gives a fairly strong relaxation effect, facilitating the acceleration of fecal matter movement.

Menu with IBS with constipation is developed individually for each patient, taking into account the characteristics of the body.It is useful for a patient with IBS with constipation without the urge to defecate to "food" records, which record the products used for cooking and the reaction of the body to every meal.Such records allow to exclude undesirable products or change the order of their application.

Approximate diet with irritable bowel syndrome with constipation includes porridge in milk, fruit salads from apples, peaches, kiwi, with yogurt, salads from beets, cucumbers, tomatoes.From meat dishes in the diet, you can include baked chicken breast, azu from beef, broth or soup from low-fat varieties of meat.Beans, cabbage, peas, buns, as well as coffee, chocolate are categorically unacceptable in IBS without the urge to defecate.

Treatment of IBS with constipation

Treatment of IBS with constipation The basis of abdominal pain is smooth muscle spasm and therefore, in the first place with IBS with constipation, use drugs from the group eliminating spasms of smooth muscles.Especially effective in the fight against complicated bowel movements is the use of such modulators of the motility of the gastrointestinal tract as eglonil, metoclopramide, cisapride.To normalize the function of the intestine Mucofalk is used, which does not irritate the mucous membrane.

Forlax facilitates bowel movement by increasing the fluid content and softening the stool.With insufficient effect of diet and antispasmodics, mildly acting laxative preparations such as magnesia milk, lactulose are recommended.Annoying laxatives in this case are categorically contraindicated, since, provoking spastic bowel reduction, cause additional pain.

In the event that gastrointestinal symptoms are aggravated by stress and psychological factors, antidepressants or selective inhibitors are prescribed.To eliminate the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome with constipation, herbal preparations are an effective and proven method.The main thing in this method of treatment is systematic and constancy.Phytotherapy does not give such a quick effect as medications, but there are no side effects, and the result is prolonged for a very long period.Excellent relaxes the musculature of the intestine infusion from the Canadian yellowcorn, chamomile, medicinal marshmallow, peppermint and dioscorea.The patient should include this infusion in daily nutrition with IBS with constipation.To increase the effectiveness of the fight with a difficult chair, it is possible to use baking or roasting during cooking.