Diarrhea and delay as the first signs of pregnancy, is the symptom of diarrhea( loose stool, upset stomach)?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Diarrhea

Diarrhea and delay The overwhelming majority consider toxicosis the very first and the main sign of pregnancy, when in the body of a woman there are changes in functioning in all body systems.At the same time, it is well known that a loose stool is not a disease, but a signal of changes in the body.Therefore, it is possible to consider diarrhea as the first sign of pregnancy.Diarrhea and delay of menstrual periods are indisputable signs of a normal course of pregnancy.

The fact that a woman is pregnant, often find out after a long delay of a monthly and subsequent visit to the doctor.However, if there is diarrhea before the delay, then this will be an occasion to listen carefully to your body.The fact is that after the fertilization of the uterus, stomach upset occurs in a week, when there is still no talk of a delay.During this time, the fertilized egg from the milk tube moves to the side of the uterus with subsequent fixation on the organ wall.

The development of hormones that promote the development of a fertilized

egg and maintain its vitality is perceived by a woman as an ailment.Among them are noted:

  • a slight increase in temperature( 37.2 - 32.5 ° C);
  • stomach pain;
  • diarrhea;
  • pain in the mammary glands.

Diarrhea as a sign of pregnancy The liquid stool as a sign of pregnancy before the delay, is among these symptoms not only one of the first, but also reliable evidence of the fertilization that has taken place.Diarrhea before the delay indicates a violation of the woman's entire digestive process.Refusal to eat food and at the same time the occurrence of some unusual gastronomic predilections, excessive consumption of raw vegetables and fruits, all these factors contribute to the appearance of diarrhea.

At this time, not only the functioning of the digestive tract changes, but there are disorders in the state of the nervous system.Increased nervous instability causes diarrhea of ​​psychogenic etiology.Diarrhea before the delay, can be of a short-term nature and not be accompanied by other manifestations of functional disorders.However, classifying diarrhea as a sign of pregnancy before the delay, you can skip the development of the disease or exacerbation of chronic pathogens.

If a woman already has some diseases of the internal organs, the pregnancy that has occurred may cause their exacerbation with manifestations of diarrhea.Spontaneous contraction of the uterus can lead to miscarriage or abnormal development of the fetus.In addition, with feces with diarrhea, the necessary liquid and useful substances are excreted.Insufficient intake of vitamins to the fetus, dehydration of the future mother's body, in conditions where there is no placenta and the fetus is completely unprotected from the influence of negative factors, contributes to the development of serious consequences, up to the death of the fetus.

About whether diarrhea is a sign of pregnancy before the delay of menstruation, or it is caused by other reasons, you can decide only after a visit to a women's consultation.But even in the event that pregnancy is established, it is necessary to closely monitor any changes in the nature of the liquid stool.Particular care must be taken to monitor the body to prevent dehydration.

Diarrhea is the first sign of pregnancy If there are signs of dehydration such as:

  • dry mouth;
  • a constant thirst, unceasing after taking water;
  • Weakness of the body, accompanied by headache, dizziness and others, should immediately consult a doctor.

Among the symptoms of pregnancy, diarrhea is noted quite often, but does not fall into the number of mandatory.Basically, in women who are not even aware of conception, physicians distinguish three signs:

  • the urge to vomit;
  • nausea;
  • delayed the monthly.

The first signs of pregnancy - diarrhea To some extent, diarrhea after menstruation without delay, can be considered as one of the manifestations of toxicosis.If the disorder is of a variable nature and does not affect the deterioration of the woman's well-being, there is no reason to worry about it.However, in the case of a long delay in menstruation, along with diarrhea and nausea, there are other symptoms, then an immediate request for medical help becomes a necessity.This should be done with:

  • swelling of the face and legs;
  • elevated or reduced pressure;
  • pains in the lower abdomen of the pulling character;
  • worsening the general condition, headache, dizziness.

In this case, the tactics of treatment are determined by a gynecologist.But even if the disorder of the intestine is not accompanied by other symptoms, the woman "in position" is very nervous about frequent urges to defecate and especially if they occur at the wrong time.Stabilize the work of the intestines can be following certain rules:

  1. Exclude from the diet for the first time the first dishes( borsch, soups).Strengthening the motility of the stomach, they provoke diarrhea.
  2. Increase the consumption of cereals, salads from fresh vegetables, stews, foods with high protein content, switching to a diet with a low salt content.
  3. Use of rice decoction and rice that are effective in eliminating diarrhea.
  4. Inclusion of freshly baked pear, baked or pear broth in the menu.
  5. Increase the consumption of liquid( water, compotes, fruit drinks, mineral water still with soda).Very useful decoctions on medicinal herbs.
  6. Activated carbon, enzyme preparations such as Mezima, Pancreatin and others.

In any case, a woman should know that in her hands is the life and health of a future child and therefore no little things in this period can not be.It is very useful to keep a diary where it is necessary to describe your feelings throughout the day.Such a diary will help the doctor in a timely response to all nuances, warning of possible dangers during the bearing of the child.