Diarrhea with teething( cut, climb) in children( babies), temperature and loose stool in the child, what should I do?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Diarrhea

Diarrhea with teething Short diarrhea with teething in infants is not a dangerous phenomenon, but it requires parents to pay special attention.As a rule, if the child has diarrhea, simultaneously with it there is a strong temperature.The Kid, feeling uncomfortable, is very naughty, constantly nervous.When teeth are chopped, babies sleep badly.But they can be helped, greatly relieve the condition, understanding why teeth erupt with diarrhea and high fever.

Parents should be aware that the heat and diarrhea in the child's teething occur because the gums become inflamed and swollen.Since the oral cavity, stomach and intestines are part of the same tract, the inflammation of the gums in the baby quickly spreads and goes to the lower sections of the tract, the local immunity decreases markedly, so diarrhea appears.When the teeth are climbing, a favorable environment for the development of intestinal infection is created.It proceeds very hard, with high temperature and severe dehydration.

Diarrhea - a symptom of teething

Teeth and diarrhea in a child Parents should distinguish when a babe has diarrhea because teeth are chapped, and when this condition is associated with the development of an intestinal infection.What signs indicate the phenomenon described?

  1. When teething starts, the baby becomes nervous, excitable.
  2. He does not eat well, often regurgitates.
  3. There is a strong salivation.The kid, when the incisors are climbing, tries to swallow saliva, the stomach is quickly overfilled, so one-time vomiting may occur.
  4. Severe diarrhea, when the teeth are climbing, does not appear in all children.If there is no intestinal infection, the loose stool has a habitual color, its odor does not change.In a day, he can appear three to four times.Some have a loose stool up to 10 times.To understand, this norm, or diarrhea with intestinal infection, can only the doctor.Parents are advised to doctors at a time when the incisors are climbing, more closely monitor the overall condition of the baby.If diarrhea with teething causes the child to decrease appetite, if it becomes lethargic, if the temperature rises, you should immediately call a doctor.The listed symptoms are signs of the development of intestinal infection, teething is nothing to do with it.
  5. The presence of infection can be indicated by a multiple liquid stool with mucus, with putrefactive odor, the color of the stool becomes green, and sometimes blood streaks appear in it.
  6. With diarrhea and vomiting, children quickly lose fluid, dehydration develops - a very dangerous phenomenon for a baby, what to do in such a situation?If you do not provide him with qualified help on time, the nervous system will suffer, strong convulsions begin, a strong palpitation will occur, kidneys and respiratory organs will suffer.

What should I do if the child's teeth and diarrhea come in?

Teeth and diarrhea are affected When high temperature and diarrhea are not associated with intestinal infection in children's teething, no treatment is required.But in order to alleviate the condition of children, doctors recommend to reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines, what if the children are already on mixed feeding?It is necessary to reduce the amount of complementary foods and replace it with breast milk.

  • As a child constantly tugging something into his mouth, it is necessary to try to wash the toys with which he plays more often, often wash his hands with a special soap.The dishes are useful for sterilizing.
  • At the first signs of the appearance of intestinal infection, it is important not to engage in self-medication, what should I do?It is better to call a doctor at the house and make some decisions with him.
  • In the case of diarrhea that occurs with teething, it is not dangerous, it is dangerous to combine diarrhea and signs of intestinal infection.If the teeth are chopped, the child has a strong gum.You can remove the pain by giving the child solid vegetables( chopped carrots or cucumber, for example).To help massage the gums with special toys, and what to do if there is swelling?You can remove them by trying to put cold napkins to the gums.
  • Many doctors, if the teeth break through the children and there is severe discomfort, can recommend painkillers such as Panadol or Tylenol, or special gels Oragel, Kamistad.They well anesthetize, creating the effect of numbness in the gums.Ointments have an anti-inflammatory effect, so they should always be at hand.Knowing what to do, and how to help your child, it is possible to significantly ease the care of the baby in a difficult time.

Of course, diarrhea and fever with teething often happens, but these symptoms can arise as a result of the development of other dangerous pathologies.If the indicated signs have a long etymology, it is worth telling this to your pediatrician.Only he will be able to select an adequate treatment.

When the teeth are chapped and a loose stool appears in the infant, it usually passes for three days on its own.Against the background of pain reduction, there is also a temperature, another discomfort, which causes nervous disorders in children, whose treatment requires the involvement of specialists of the relevant specialization.