How do the eggs of pinworms and their larvae look like in the child in the photo, where they put it off, how they die, how many live in the stool( outside the person)?

August 26, 2017 23:00 | Worms

Eggs pinworm on the photo Eggs of pinworms found in the stool of a person become a big problem for him.This is due to the fact that getting rid of enterobiasis - a disease caused by these worms is very difficult.Despite the fact that the life span of these helminths is quite short, only 1-2 months, even with a slight violation of the rules of treatment, there is always repeated self-infection, and the cycle of parasite development can last for years.Many patients are interested in whether it is possible to see the pinworm eggs with the naked eye.Experts unambiguously answer to him that this is impossible.Their dimensions are so small that they can only see under the microscope how they look.Also there are their photos taken at a strong magnification.In these photos you can see that they have the form of whitish grains of oblong form.

In order not to miss the occurrence of enterobiasis, you should carefully monitor your condition.This will allow not to miss the alarming symptomatology of infection with pinworm eggs, timely pass t

he analysis of stool and take the necessary measures to destroy them.Typically, the following are the most vivid symptoms that indicate an invasion:

  • Perianal itching, mostly a major sign of this type of helminthiasis.This symptom arises from the fact that a sexually mature female pinworm lays eggs, in which after 5 hours the larvae capable of infestation ripen in the folds of the anus;
  • Acute, though not permanent, abdominal pain.They are localized in the navel area.This symptom arises from the mechanical action of worms on the mucosa during fixation on it;
  • Decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting are also alarming signs of the fact that pinworms have settled in the human body and started laying eggs.

With the development of enterobiosis, the processes of digestion and absorption of nutrients are violated, which leads to loss of body weight.In children, this process can also be accompanied by a backlog in physical and mental development.

How do the pinworm eggs look and how much do they live?

Eggs of pinworms in a child Due to the fact that enterobiasis mostly occurs in a small child, many parents are interested in this issue.In addition, mothers of infested toddlers are also interested in whether they die in the external environment and in what way it is best to kill parasite larvae in the room - by treatment with disinfectants, ultraviolet or quartz lamp.In order to more effectively withdraw these worms from children or adults, all questions asked by patients should be sorted out in order.

Due to the fact that the size of the pinworm eggs is very small and invisible to the unaided eye, they can be detected only under a microscope.That is why when the child has the first signs of infection, it is recommended to pass an analysis of feces and scraping for enterobiasis.An experienced lab technician by external signs will immediately determine which helminths have struck a person.So egg pinworms have the following symptoms, distinguishable only when examining a smear of stool under a microscope:

  • Size from 00.2 to 00.5 mm;
  • Oval asymmetric shape( one side is flattened and the other is slightly convex);
  • Colorless shell consisting of 2 circuits.

Despite the fact that the eggs of the pinworms are small and indistinguishable to the unaided eye, they are very contagious and are deposited by the female in a huge amount, from 5 to 15 thousand.After 5-6 hours, larvae mature in them, which also have minimal dimensions and are visible under a microscope through a transparent shell.They look like moving white worms.

When asked about how many pinworm eggs live, experts note that their lifetimes in the external environment depend on the temperature and humidity of the air.The optimum temperature is from 18 to 40 degrees and 90% humidity.Under such conditions, their viability can last up to several months.Frost, as well as boiling, quickly kills them.That is why in order for the eggs laid by the female pinworm to die, soft objects of everyday use( carpets, blankets, pillows) from the room of the invaded person are recommended in the winter to bear to the frost.

They die under the influence of a quartz lamp that emits ultraviolet radiation.That is why when they are found in children in kindergartens, it is recommended to carry out quartz playing of game and bedroom rooms with a special lamp.The ultraviolet radiation emitted to it will destroy the parasites.This procedure is also recommended at home in a sick child during an epidemic of helminthiasis.Only half an hour of exposure to a quartz lamp with ultraviolet is sufficient, so that the eggs of pinworms laid out in the external environment die.How to properly conduct this procedure can be seen on the photos and videos posted on the Internet.

How to get rid of pinworm eggs?

Eggs of pinworms perish This question also worries people who have these helminths found.The point here is that with the help of medicinal or folk remedies, only adult parasites can be destroyed.Larvae do not die, but continue the cycle of development.Therefore, in order to once or for all to withdraw a pinworm from yourself or a child, you should get rid of their eggs, that is, take all measures for their complete destruction.What do you need to do for this?Specialists are advised to take the following steps:

  • Due to the fact that the eggs of the worms in the folds of the anal opening stick to the fingers of the itching areas and accumulate under the fingernails, the hands should be washed thoroughly, and the nails should be cut as short as possible.This will help in a short time to get rid of pinworms;
  • Nightwear and bed linens must be washed daily, boiled and ironed on 2 sides with a hot iron.This will kill the larvae of parasites that have accumulated on it;
  • The carpeting from the room where the invasive person is located should be taken out to the frost, as the eggs of the pinwheels die under such conditions;
  • Worms can be removed even if the premises are cleaned daily using disinfectants, especially in public places and bathrooms.

Oyster eggs in children and their treatment

Egg pinworm, treatment in children Babies are more likely than adults to experience this infestation.The point here is that in the child's body up to a certain age there is no triple barrier against parasites.In addition, most small children do not respect the rules of personal hygiene.That's why parents should carefully monitor the physiological state of their children and when the first signs of invasion occur, which include itching in the anus, loss of appetite and weight loss, immediately consult a specialist for a diagnostic examination.

The presence of pinworm eggs in toddlers is identified by the analysis of feces and scrapings on enterobiasis.An experienced laboratory technician knows perfectly well what these parasites look like at a high magnification and will accurately determine the infection by them.To pass the analysis should be threefold, only in this case it is possible to detect them.Only after the diagnostic studies confirm the presence of pinworm eggs in the baby, the specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment capable of removing parasites in a short time.Therapeutic measures that parasites die from must pass in 2 directions:

  • Drug treatment of an invasive patient and all people in contact with him using medications;
  • Thorough cleaning of the house with disinfectants and boiling or freezing soft household items.From these procedures, pinworm eggs that can not be seen with the naked eye quickly die.Also, they can be killed by dry cleaning, which is recommended to take soft toys.

Drug treatment for infestation consists of taking the patient tablets.It is considered more reliable than the use for the therapy of folk remedies and guarantees a quick recovery.In pediatrics, the following medicines are usually used:

  • Syrup or Pirantel tablets, which must be drunk once in the morning.The dose of the drug can be chosen only by a specialist depending on the weight of the patient.These drugs are detrimental to adult pinworms, but do not affect their eggs at all;
  • Vermox is also assigned once.The age of a small patient with this medication should be over 2 years;
  • Pediatricians usually prescribe Albendazole to newborns and babies from pinworms.

All these medicines work only on adult parasites, therefore, in order to completely kill their eggs, therapeutic courses should be conducted 3 times with a break of 2 weeks.In connection with the fact that all drugs that cause the death of the parasite, do not remove it from the body, after taking the pill must necessarily drink sorbents: Smektu, Polyphepanum or Lactofiltrum.

Many people are interested in the question of how to avoid contaminating eggs with pinworms, if they are in large numbers are available in the external environment.To do this, you must carefully observe the rules of hygiene:

  • Cleaning of the premises is mandatory using a vacuum cleaner and disinfectants, and blankets carpets and pillows are shaken out on the street;
  • Bedding should be changed at least once a week, and after washing, ironed from 2 sides;
  • Change of underwear of toddlers, which may also contain pinworm eggs, should be carried out daily;
  • Plastic and rubber toys should be washed regularly in soap or disinfectant solutions.

In addition, in the diet of infants it is recommended to include products that purify the body of parasites.This is pomegranate juice, carrots, garlic and St. John's wort tea.