The most effective and strong tablets from worms of all kinds( a wide range of action) for humans, which are universal and inexpensive?

August 25, 2017 23:00 | Worms

Effective worm tablets A fairly common phenomenon, not only in children or adults who do not observe the simplest rules of personal hygiene, is the defeat of the body by parasitic worms.Hence the multiple questions of patients affected by this scourge, about how to choose the most effective pills against worms.Although experts always warn that helminthiosis is not an ordinary cold, and when a person is invaded, self-medication methods not only do not bring the desired result, but also often become dangerous to health and even life, many people who have faced helminths seek strong means from parasites.

It should be noted that alone, without consulting a doctor, do not do this.The thing is that the medicines intended for this purpose have different effects and are intended for a certain type of parasites.Therefore, if there is a suspicion of infection, one should not run to the pharmacy and choose independently effective and universal tablets from worms of any kind, first of all it is necessary to consult a specialist.He, when

selecting the appropriate potent remedy, will take into account all the nuances, such as the age and characteristics of the human body, concomitant diseases, and the tolerability of certain medications.All this will help to choose tablets from worms, inexpensive and effective for a particular patient.

The most effective worm tablets for humans

The most effective worm tablets But, on the basis of a lot of questions from patients on this topic, a brief review of the preparations intended for controlling helminths should be made.This will help many not make a mistake in choosing a suitable medicine that is strong enough.But before this, it is still necessary to find out what kind of parasites the organism has struck.Thanks to this knowledge, you can not only quickly deal with the problem, but also protect yourself from possible side effects.

Most often in an adult human body, as well as a child, round worms or nematodes settle.The most effective means, quickly and qualitatively destroying these worms, are the following:

  • Nemozol and Wormil, produced in the form of suspensions or chewable tablets contain the active substance albendazole, which causes helminths to disturb the metabolism and further their death;
  • Decaris with the active substance levamisole, causing paralysis of parasite muscles;
  • Vermox and Wormin deplete the stores of glucose in the body of the helminth due to the mebendazole contained in them, which also causes the death of worms.

For extraintestinal nematodes, it is recommended to use such strong and effective tablets against these worms as Ditrazine Citrate and Ivermek.They help to get rid of the affliction that hit the person as quickly as possible.

The most effective tablets from tick-type worms are Fenasal, suppressing the resistance of worms to enzymes contained in the human gastrointestinal tract, which leads to their complete digestion and Nemosol, which suppresses their muscular activity.From worm-flukes, the most powerful and effective tablets are Praziquantel, which causes muscle spasm and further paralysis of the helminth and Azinox, which affects the outer covers of the parasite.All these drugs are quite inexpensive and freely available in pharmacies, but before using them, you should consult a specialist and find out which parasitic worms have affected the body.

Tablets from broad spectrum worm

Tablets from all types of worms Sometimes it happens that in the body of the patient several species of helminths are found.What to do in this case?Really against each of them to drink their highly toxic medicine?In no case.Experts advise to pay attention to universal preparations of a wide spectrum, effectively affecting various types of worms.Effective tablets from wide-spectrum helminths have high anthelmintic activity.In addition, many of them are quite safe for humans.Most experts recommend the use of worms following synthetic tablets, which are not only effective, but also universal:

  • Decaris with the active substance levamisole is most often used in the treatment of strongyloidosis, ascariasis, non-catarosis and trichostrongyloidosis.Levamisol, contained in these broad-spectrum tablets, effectively acts on adult worms that cause these dangerous diseases.It paralyzes worms and promotes their removal from the feces.In addition, this drug enhances the cellular immunity of a person, but does not destroy it;
  • The drug of a wide spectrum Pirantel has also other names: Nemotsid, Helminthoks or Kombantinrin.After ingestion, this strong remedy causes a prolonged and persistent neuromuscular blockade in various types of worms.These universal and effective tablets of a wide spectrum are prescribed for such diseases as ankylostomidosis, trichocephalosis and enterobiosis;
  • Wormil with the active substance albendazole, also has a high efficiency in tissue and intestinal forms of helminthiases.In this case, strong Vormil tablets are active not only in relation to adults of many species of worms, but also their larvae and eggs.Most often this strong preparation of a wide spectrum is appointed for destruction of a whipworm, askarids and children's pinworms.Include it also in the therapy of non-carotenoses, ugritis intestinal, and many other helminthiases;
  • Effective for the destruction of most worms and such inexpensive tablets as Nemozol.This drug is used in most helminthiases.

All of the above mentioned tools are very good at virtually all types of parasites, but they are not recommended for independent treatment.Only a specialist can choose the appropriate course of therapy with these drugs, depending on the degree of damage to the human body, its general physical condition, weight and age.