Thin worms, helminth-hair in humans - white, long, small, transparent, dark( photo)

August 23, 2017 23:00 | Worms

Thin Worms In the human body there is a huge number of helminths, causing great harm to health.To fight them, it is necessary to understand what kind of parasites the body was affected, especially when it comes to children.In appearance, the parasite can understand what drugs are better to take and how long the treatment will last.

Most often in a child's body, but can be in an adult, worms appear white and thin.These parasites are called pinworms.Unlike many other worms, they live only in humans.

The body dimensions of this thin white worm depends on the gender:

  • The length of the female body reaches 10 millimeters;
  • Males reach 2-3 millimeters.

The parasite enters the body of an adult or child with dirt and dust.Also can get through the anus, at the time of scratching the skin.The main symptom is the itch of the anus and the mushy stool.


In the human body, thin long worm-nematodes can also enter, capable of causing such a disease as toxocariasis.The body length of the parasites reaches 18 centimeters.

Four forms of the disease caused by these thin long worms should be divided:

  • Visceral toxocariasis;
  • Skin form of the disease;
  • Eye toxocariasis;
  • Neurological toxocariasis.

A similar disease occurs in 50% of children.Infection mainly occurs through the soil and coat of domestic animals.Symptoms may differ depending on the form of the disease.The patient exhibits an allergic reaction, strabismus, night cough or neurologic abnormalities.

Also, a person can have thin worms, which are called Trichinella.The size of the parasite's body depends on their gender:

  • The female grows to 4 millimeters;
  • Males most often do not exceed 1.6 millimeters.

Thin long worms These worms are so small that their almost transparent thin bodies can not be seen with the naked eye.Transparent thin worms are dangerous to humans.When there are 5 larvae per kilogram of body weight of the patient, the disease becomes fatal.Trichinosis is common among wild animals and enters the human body with the consumption of animal meat.

The patient can also become infected with a worm-hair.Vlasoglav his appearance resembles a human hair.This thin worm of dark color can parasitize for 5 years without changing the host.

These thin, like hair worms of dark color can reach a length of 6 centimeters.The main habitat of the worm is the large intestine.Vlasoglav causes such a disease as trichocephalosis.The main symptoms are:

  • Loss of appetite;
  • Violation of defecation.Most often diarrhea occurs, but there are cases of constipation;
  • Migraine;
  • Insomnia;
  • Spasms in the right side of the abdomen.

Styling hair Helminth hair enters the body through unwashed fruits and vegetables, dirty hands, and also through contaminated water.Also, the hair larvae can be carried by flies.

White and small worms in most cases can not be noticed with the naked eye, they can be seen by making a photo using X-ray and other medical devices.After the type of worm-parasites is recognized, it is necessary to start treatment.Despite the fact that some parasites do not cause great damage to the body, they affect the habitual way of life.

It is best not to bring up the appearance of white long thin helminths.It is enough to observe simple rules of hygiene and to undergo an annual examination.Also, every half a year you can take antihelminthic drugs, designed to combat various parasites.