Tablets for prophylaxis against worms in humans, which are good, is it necessary to drink preventive drugs from helminths to adults?

August 22, 2017 23:00 | Worms

Tablets for prophylaxis against worms For a long time, only plant remedies were used in preventive measures against parasites.But with the development of the pharmaceutical industry, prophylactic tablets from worms for humans are becoming more common.Tablets for the prevention of helminths in humans, depending on the direction of the action, can be divided into the following groups:

  • broad-acting preparations;
  • medication of selective effects.

Unequivocal opinion on whether you need to drink tablets for the prevention of worms and to date, doctors do not.Some believe that preventive measures by preparations from helminths are dangerous to humans because of their toxicity.However, most doctors believe that pills for the prevention of worms in adults are necessary, especially if the house has animals or small children.The indicators for carrying out preventive measures against parasites besides these factors are:

  1. The presence of permanent contacts with the land for living in rural areas or in the country.
  2. Frequent trips to exotic count
  3. Having hobbies in the form of fishing, hunting, playing soccer or beach volleyball.

Prophylactic tablets against worms

Tablets from worms for humans for prevention All anthelmintic preparations for humans have pronounced toxic properties.Therefore, use synthetic drugs as a preventive measure against parasites, according to medical recommendations and observing certain precautions.It is preferable to use medicines to prevent parasite infestation in the form of therapeutic courses.To conduct such preventive courses is recommended once a half-year, in the autumn and in the spring.In this case, the autumn period is chosen before the onset of frost, and in the spring immediately after the descent of the snows.Due to the fact that the drugs are effective depending on the type of parasites, their appointment should be dealt with only by a doctor.

Tablets for the prevention of worms for people to prevent disease can not be taken in the following cases:

  • with breastfeeding, pregnancy at any time;
  • menstrual cycle;
  • acute intestinal infection.

The most effective in conducting the course, when choosing which tablets to drink for prevention from worms, is an integrated approach and consists of two stages.At the first stage they drink drugs containing levamisole, which weakens the parasites.A few days later, take a product containing active substances such as mebendazole and albendazole.This approach provides the creation of conditions for preventing the penetration and development of parasites in the human body.What tablets use to prevent worms, depends on very many factors and is determined individually for each person.

What are the pills for prophylaxis against worms? The list of good tablets for prophylaxis against worms includes:

  • Decaris, whose main active substance is levamisole.The principle of its action is based on the ability of the drug, to normalize the musculature of helminths causing a failure of bioenergetic processes.Take the remedy before bed, washing down with a very large amount of liquid.After a day after taking the parasites are removed from the human body during defecation.Categorically it is contraindicated when using the drug to consume alcohol in any form, otherwise serious side effects are possible;
  • Wormil with active ingredient albendazole.The death of parasites causes disruption of the normal process of parasite metabolism.In this case, Vormil influences not only the adult parasite, but also their larvae and eggs.
  • Quite common are to prevent the appearance of worms in humans Piantel tablets.The expulsion of parasites from the human body occurs at the expense of paralysis of their musculature.Such tablets against worms for prevention in any case can not be taken together with other drugs that have antiparasitic effects.Another nuance in the use of tablets for the prevention of worms is that it is necessary to observe the exact dosage, which is determined by the doctor depending on the weight of the person and his age.

When choosing which pills for prophylaxis against worms are better for a person, you can not ignore such a drug of a wide range of effects, like Vermox.The principle of action on parasites of the active substance, mebendazole, is based on the destruction of glycogen stores in their tissues.As a result, glucose utilization is provoked, preventing synthesis occurring at the cellular level.Effective preparations from helminths are also Mebex, Albendazole, Vermakar.Specifically, what tablets from worms to drink, you can not decide on your own, so as not to cause harm to your body.