Tansy from worms, how to take infusions, decoctions, recipes from flowers of grass for children, treatment with enemas, how to brew, how to drink?

August 17, 2017 23:00 | Worms

Tansy from worms In summer, do not throw your eyes - everywhere you come across the bright yellow baskets of the inflorescences on a tall and sturdy stem.It's tansy.In the people, they came up with an eloquent nickname - "helmet".It reflects the centuries-old history of the application of this medicinal plant.The fact that tansy is extremely effective against worms, no one doubts for a long time.But thanks to what, it became known relatively recently, after the scientific research of its composition.

The use of tansy from worms is due to the bitter taste and ethereal-resinous aroma, which is exuding from the plant.The action of the plant is analogous to the pharmacological action of some synthetic drugs.Contained in its juice poison, thujone paralyzes the musculature of adult worms.The dead helminths, unable to restrain themselves on the walls of the intestine, are eliminated in a natural way.Anti-worm effect increases the natural bitterness: tanacetin, quercetin, camphor, glycosides, alkaloids.Tansy can not only destro

y parasites in the body, but also improve the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and liver.


How to take tansy from worms?

How to take tansy from worms? To combat helminths use yellow tansy flowers.Treatment of worms tansy is carried out using dry grass crushed into powder, as well as in the form of infusions for ingestion or enema.It is important to remember that the plant poisons contained in this plant do not allow taking it for a long time.A highly toxic active substance, thujone, brings tansy and hallucinogenic properties into the infusion.Excessive zeal in use can lead to mental disorders.Due to the high dosage of raw materials, all recipes are designed for short-term use.Optimum is considered to drink tansy from worms a week twice a year.0.5 liters per day is the maximum daily volume.Laxative after each course of intake should be used even if the bowels work well.Removal of dead parasites is a prerequisite for antiparasitic cleansing.

Anthelmintic phytotherapy tansy is not recommended if a person is not yet 18 years old, and children under 12 years of age are at all contraindicated.Pregnant to excrete worms tansy can also not, it can have abortifacient action.And for nursing mothers, this means of expelling helminths is not suitable - it is dangerous for the baby, it penetrates into the milk.Gallstone disease, hypertension and bradycardia( a rare pulse) are also contraindications to the use of this remedy.Overdoses can cause abdominal pain, nausea and digestive problems.Sensitive people should be prepared for a possible allergic response of the body.Women need to begin the procedure of purification after the end of menstruation.Know how to brew tansy from worms, in what concentration, it is very important.Overdose will have a strong toxic effect on the body, this phytotherapy will be unsafe.Too low concentration again will not be enough to radically affect the worms.She will "scare" them, but will not kill them.Adult individuals can go on a journey beyond the intestine.Extorting them will be very difficult.

How to drink tansy from worms?

Tansy against worms Traditional recipes:

  • Infusion.1 tbsp.L.Dry herbs steamed 1 tbsp.Boiling water, aged for 4 hours in the heat, filtered.It takes a week 4 times for 1 tbsp.L.For 15 minutes.before meals.Infusion of tansy from worms increased dosage: 3 tbsp.L.For 1 cup of boiling water.The exposure time is reduced to 1 hour.Expelled ascaris.
  • Decoction.1.5 tbsp.L.Filled with hot water of 0.5 liters.20 minutes.It is aged over the steam of the water bath, then cooled, the contents are thrown back onto the sieve.Take warm 3 times in 1 / 4-1 / 2 cup for 15 before meals.This is a classic recipe decoction of tansy from round worms.After a 3-day course, drink a laxative, take a break for 1-2 weeks and drink again for 3 days, followed by a laxative.
  • Powder.3 g( 1/3 tsp) of mashed potatoes or grinded in a coffee grinder is mixed with honey.Take 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach, washing down with warm water.Experts advise the dose of powder gradually in 2 weeks to increase to 1/2 st.Spoons.Another way: 1/2 tsp.Powder 7 days can be consumed only at night, in the morning taking a quick-acting laxative.How many days to drink tansy from worms over the minimum time allotted, everyone decides for himself, based on the state of health.There are also exacerbations: rashes increase, thrush, rhinitis, pulsation in the abdomen.But these symptoms are passing.

Flowers tansy from worms Clearses with tansy from worms:

  • 5 g( 1 tsp) of achene add 100 ml of water heated to 60 ° C.Insist for 3 hours and strain.Set at night for a week.This volume is designed for two enemas.
  • Milk and garlic cocktail.10 minutes to cook in 0.5 liters of milk 2 heads of garlic, add there 1 tbsp.L.Achenes and insist for 2 hours.Strain the lukewarm broth into the rectum and keep as far as patience lasts.Perform daily 7 days in a row.Well helps against pinworms.
  • For broth from inflorescences.Take 1 tbsp.L.For 0.5 liters of boiling water.Boil for 10-15 minutes and filter.Do 1 time per day before bedtime, withstanding 5-7 minutes.Infusion of inflorescences with garlic.Tansy - 1 tbsp.Spoon, hot water - 1 glass.Bring to a boil and chill slightly.Add the grated clove of garlic and stand for 3 hours, then strain through gauze and wring out.Microclysters( 50 ml) are injected into the anus, lying on the left side.After 10 minutes, change the position: lie on your back, and then after another 10 minutes turn to your right side.Wait 3 hours and put a cleansing enema.During the week, repeat the procedure every day.Tansy is well strengthened with wormwood and chamomile( 1: 1: 1).In this case, take 1 tbsp.Spoon collection.

Tansy from worms for children

Grassy tansy grass How to take tansy children are interested in many parents.Many worry when grandmothers persuade the grandchildren who visited the village to swallow 3-4 yellow flowers "from the worms."And their concern is justified.All recipes for tansy from worms are offered to adults.Since the use of this plant as an anthelmintic agent for patients under the age of 12 is categorically prohibited, there is no recomputation of speech doses.Pediatric practice of helminthiasis therapy in adolescents allows the use of tansy against worms as part of complex therapy.In this case, the adult weight dosage of the herb is halved.One-time reception is 1 tsp.Four times a day, and the last should be in the evening.Traditional medicine uses such a recipe for children.The collection is being prepared: an immortelle and tansy for 30 grams, a 50-year-old gold bearer. Everything is crushed and mixed.Brew at the rate of 1 tbsp.L.Herbs per 1 tbsp.Boiling water, leave in a thermos for 3 hours.At one time take 3 tbsp.Spoons and 1 teaspoon.Honey.Reception before meals 3 times a day.For the treatment to be effective, the diet is observed.Preference is given to cereals in milk( barley, semolina, oatmeal), baked potatoes, sweet fruits.For 5 days meat, sharp dishes are excluded.To avoid perverted localization( creeping of the worms into the esophagus and exit through the mouth), the area under the nose is smeared with kerosene.It can also be sniffed.

Tansy is a part of many antiparasitic collections:

  • Trojchatka - the most famous.It is called by the name of the author Ivanchenko or "Russian".Tinned psmoma powders( 100 g), wormwood( 25-30 g), carnation buds( 50 g) are mixed.Drink 3 times an incomplete teaspoon( 1 dose - 1.75 g), washed down with warm water for 30 minutes.before meals.The first day is recommended to drink once, in the second - two.From the third to the seventh days - 3 times.Once a week, three times a day.Preventive drink 0.5-1 year.
  • For gardeners and pet lovers.A mixture of carnation powders( 50 g), tansy, wormwood, yarrow, buckthorn( 100 g) is prepared.Adults take 1 tsp each, children from 12 yrs to 1/2 tsp.Half an hour before breakfast two weeks.A laxative is mandatory.Antiparasitic courses should be repeated in spring and autumn.
  • Popular "duet".Powdered tansy( 10 g), along with the pumpkin seeds( 70 g) purified and rubbed through a meat grinder, will be driven out of pinworms, ascarids and even banded worms.Use 4 times 1 tbsp.Spoon, only two days.
  • From bovine tapeworm.Flowers tansy, bark of buckthorn, peeled pumpkin seeds take in combination 1: 1: 1.Brewed with boiling water 2 tbsp.Spoons for 2 cups of water.They boil for 8-10 minutes.Strain, drink a glass from morning and evening for at least three days( before the release of the helminth).
  • From the Librarians and the Cestodes.Prepare 5 herbs in equal scales: tansy, wormwood, mint, buckthorn, valerian.2 tbsp.L.Collecting brew 2 tbsp.Boiling water, hold in a water bath for 15 minutes, cool and drain.To eat on an empty stomach three days 2 times for 1 glass.

The herb of tansy from worms is a strong remedy.How to take it, alone or in combination with other plants - is at the discretion of everyone.The result, as a rule, is noticeable in any case.If there was no face-to-face meeting with uninvited guests, then according to the state of health a person realizes that changes in the body occurred after cleaning.Noticeably rises the general tone: I want to act, create.In addition to increasing performance, changes in appearance occur: acne, swelling, herpes, fungal manifestations, constipation disappear.People lose weight, there is no desire to chew anything, do not like sweets, smoked.The force is clearly coming.