Geohelminthoses - helminths in the soil, cleansing of the earth from the eggs of worms and prevention

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Worms

Geohelminthiases What are the risks of geogelmintosis?What are the characteristics of such invasions?Answers to such questions will help to understand the specifics of preventive measures.Geohelminthoses are diseases that are formed due to infection of a person with parasites living in the soil.From biogelmintov they differ in that for the passage of the cycle of development the parasite does not need an intermediate host.Eggs or larvae of parasites develop before the stage of infestation in the soil, so infection can occur in an alimentary way.Poorly washed hands, vegetables or fruits almost always become a source of infection.Geohelminthiases are most often found in young children who constantly play in the sandbox, putting their hands in their mouths during such a game.Some geogelminthes have eggs and larvae capable of developing into forms that can penetrate the human body through the skin.People become infected while walking barefoot.

Symptoms of geologmintosis

Helminths in the soil Symptoms of infection are difficult to recognize on

their own, and all because the clinical manifestations depend on a variety of factors.It is important how many worms or their eggs are inside the person, if there are not enough of them, the symptoms may not appear at all.More severe forms give rise to a vivid clinical picture, it most often resembles the manifestations of intestinal diseases.The patient may complain of diarrhea, of pain in the peritoneum, of general malaise.Since some parasites, getting into the intestine, are attached to its walls with the help of tentacles or hooks, they easily damage the tender mucous layer, provoking its inflammation.The signs of the inflammatory process are well known.It is a swollen abdomen, persistent nausea, the appearance of anemia, weight loss, and bursting pain.When two or more symptoms appear, it is possible to suspect various diseases, including geogelmintosis.That's why it's so important not to engage in self-medication, but to make a diagnosis, contact specialists.

General strategy for controlling helminths in soil

Soil cleansing from helminths Geohelminthiases are a problem that are tried collectively.There is a resolution that all the leading countries of the world have signed at the Health Assembly.According to it, endemic countries are obliged to clean the soil of helminth eggs and thereby reduce the intensity of infection.Until recently, the soil was cleared from helminths by steam treatment or by pouring water on boiling water.As practice has shown, such methods proved to be ineffective.On the surface of the earth, the eggs of the worms did perish, but in the deep layers of the soil they remained viable.Today, water vapor, which is fed under great pressure, is actively used to prevent geogelmintoses.He heats the earth to a temperature of +80 degrees to a depth of 10 cm. This technique effectively kills the eggs of almost all worms.

Another method that can be used to clean the soil from geogelmintoses is chemical land treatment.Solutions have a complex formula, their composition is determined after numerous analyzes of the soil, allowing to identify what kinds of parasites are present in this area.There are special solutions that are used for processing land intended for walking dogs and cats.Their compositions can kill up to 100% of the eggs of ascarids, so it makes sense to disinfect the soil with just such a means.

Another aspect of geogelmintosis prevention is the prophylactic treatment of people at risk.They can include preschool and school-age children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, adults, whose professional activities are somehow related to open-soil work.But people themselves must follow basic rules of personal hygiene, they help to prevent invasions at the household level.Of course, it is very important to wash your hands often with soap, do not eat raw vegetables and fruits directly from the bed, and all the salad leaves should be soaked in water beforehand, and then rinsed with running water, putting it in a colander.Going into the garden with a desire to work, put on your hands any kinds of gloves.Even in the soil in which home flowers grow, eggs and larvae of helminths can also be found, so after hilling the plants, too, you must thoroughly wash your hands.It is useful to pre-purify the body once a year.

Risks of geogelmintosis appear at times, if the soil in the garden or in the garden is fertilized with manure.They exist when a person leaves for distant exotic countries.Experts recommend on vacation not to lose vigilance, to go to the beach only in slippers, to sand in bathing clothes to sit down, too, is not worth it.A towel laid on the ground can save you from a serious illness.Worms are very dangerous, so it is so important to observe all preemptive measures.