How to fix hemorrhoids, how to insert hemorrhoids correctly at home, do you need to fill them?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Hemorrhoids

How to fix hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are a serious and unpleasant disease.It is complicated by the fact that many delay the visit to the doctor, and the disease flows into a severe chronic form.What if the hemorrhoids fall out?Can I cope with it at home?How correctly to insert a hemorrhoidal knot back?

This disease develops gradually.Itching, discomfort is replaced by the appearance of blood cones - they hurt and cause anxiety.With the development of the disease, nodes are formed that can fall out during defecation.

When should hemorrhoids be administered?

How to insert hemorrhoids? Inattention to the problem exacerbates it - cones begin to fall when straining - physical exertion, sneezing, coughing.In particularly neglected cases, this occurs even with a small voltage.

Can the hemorrhoidal knot recover itself?Of course, in the beginning, it is set in a natural way and does not require outside intervention.With the progression of the disease, cones become more and more, and at some point they can remain outside.

Each patient asks himself the questio

n: whether it is necessary to direct the site itself or if doctors need help.A fallen cone is an occasion to visit the hospital and conduct a detailed examination.Be sure to try to fill the hemorrhoidal nodes yourself.Otherwise, they may be squeezed due to contraction of the muscles of the anus, and blood stagnation will occur.This is why the hemorrhoidal nodes are reset immediately after the fallout.

However, in all cases it is recommended that the hemorrhoidal nodes be repositioned independently - if there is an infringement of the cones, it is necessary to consult specialists.A characteristic feature of the infringement is a pronounced pain, and for inserting a cone a strong pressure is required.In this case, immediate correction is contraindicated.You can not engage in the correction and in the presence of signs of thrombosis, which is characterized by severe inflammation.

How to insert hemorrhoids?

How to fix the hemorrhoids? Let's figure out how to insert hemorrhoids at home.For this we need a few simple tools:

  • sterile gloves;
  • analgesic, anti-edema( preferably a special ointment);
  • petroleum jelly.

First, you need to overpower your excitement and relax.Then you can start to take concrete actions.

The hemorrhoidal nodes are repositioned in several stages.

  1. The first step is to wash the crotch with warm water.
  2. Next, you need to remove the pain and reduce swelling of the tissues.This is done with a special ointment.Other painkillers and soothing agents, such as heparin, troxevasin, and ice, are also suitable.Effective herbal infusions - highland pochechuynogo, wormwood bitter.
  3. When the pain subsides, you need to put on sterile gloves and do it directly.The main thing is to do it correctly and slowly.The most optimal pose is the pose on all fours, you can also just sit down.
  4. With one hand you need to push the buttock, opposite the cone.Pins the other to dip in Vaseline and gently insert the knot back into the rectum.The finger should be inserted into the anus until you feel that everything is in order.In this case, do not make sudden movements - they can damage the delicate tissues.
  5. After this, you need to slowly compress the buttocks, and then the anus, then lie down.If you did everything right, there will be no pain.In a horizontal position it is better to stay at least half an hour.If there is no such possibility, you can sit down, the main thing is not to make sudden movements, so that the hemorrhoids do not fall out again and do not have to insert it again.

What should I do if my hemorrhoids are not refilled?

How correctly to insert a hemorrhoids? It may happen that the disease has moved to a stage where cones are not inserted back.This can occur for several reasons.

  • There was an infringement of cones - they are transferred by an anal sphincter, and in this case it will not be possible to insert a cone.It is necessary to try to relax the anal opening as much as possible.If the cone has become firm during this time, but you managed to fix it, you should visit the proctologist, tk.In such cases, often have to take antibiotics.
  • The disease entered the 4th stage, when the lump falls permanently.It will be impossible to cope without a proctologist.

We looked at how to insert the hemorrhoids correctly at home.As you can see, this is not difficult.The main thing is to be patient and forget about fears.Remember that it's much easier to get treatment - choose a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, get rid of constipation, do physical exercises than constantly insert drop-down cones.In the absence of attention, the disease will progress, and the matter can end quite unpleasant consequences - the operating table.