How does hemorrhoids affect the whole body, what effect does the disease have on weight, conception and the quality of spermogram?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Hemorrhoids

How does hemorrhoids affect the body? Interest in the influence of hemorrhoids on the state of the body, shows a large number of people, not hearsay familiar with this pathology of the intestine or perianal region.The power of influence, according to experts, depends on the cause and type of the disease.At the earliest stages, when external signs( bleeding, itching, burning) only appear, pathology, provided that adequate medical care is provided, does not endanger life.But if the bleeding becomes massive and takes a long time, the patient quickly develop iron deficiency anemia.If it takes a chronic form in the absence of therapeutic measures that relieve internal hemorrhoids, a person has an increased threat of such conditions as:

  • Negative influence on the condition of the kidneys, liver and heart, provoked by a large loss of the patient's blood.This leads to the fact that the organs cease to have enough oxygen;
  • When a massive vessel ruptures, massive blood loss always occurs and the patient is at risk of death;
  • Complexity of treatment
    of pathologies, provoked by further progression of the disease.

The question of how hemorrhoids affect weight is often asked, if its effect on the body can be significant.He is especially interested in young women who are prone to the appearance of inflamed blood-filled buds during childbearing and childbirth.According to most experts, there is no direct influence of hemorrhoids on weight, but there is an indirect one.It lies in the fact that if you do not start treating the disease in time, it will go to the chronic stage and provoke the development of quite serious consequences.It is they that provoke a change in weight.Most people because of the development of most possible complications in this disease and the lack of adequate treatment significantly loses in body weight:

  • Massive bleeding from the broken internal nodes lead to a chronic stage of anemia, which is usually accompanied by weight loss;
  • Inflammation of the rectal mucosa( colitis) and crypt in it( cryptite) also has a direct effect on hemorrhoids;
  • Rectal fistulas with vagina or bladder;
  • Malignant intestinal tumor.

All these pathologies, provoked by the progression of hemorrhoids, directly and affect a significant decrease in body weight, which can be very dangerous.To prevent the development of serious complications that can not only disrupt the quality of life, but also provoke a person with a disability or lead him to death, it is timely, with the appearance of the very first signs of the disease, to drop false shame and seek advice from a specialist.

Influence of hemorrhoids on the quality of spermogram and conception

Does hemorrhoids affect conception? This information is of interest to many young couples, as everyone knows that with a decline in sperm fertility, the ability to have children is significantly reduced or disappears altogether.Although there is no direct connection between the disease and this serious problem in medical research, there is indirect influence of hemorrhoids on potency and, consequently, conception.At the initial stage of the development of the disease, there is no violation of the sexual function.Only formed nodes do not cause discomfort and therefore do not attract special attention to men.But as soon as the disease worsens and filled with blood cones begin to become inflamed, the patient has acute pain in the perineum.

They cause serious anxiety and provoke the appearance of psychological problems.Constant pains, blood separation from the anal canal and unpleasant sensations in the anus area when in any position contribute to the fact that the man has lost the desire to have sex, and this, accordingly, speaks about the negative effect of hemorrhoids on possible conception.

The more hemorrhoids progress, and the inflamed nodes increase, the worse is the situation with potency.This negative effect of hemorrhoids on sexual function pushes men to take a spermogram.It is she who shows why the quality of sperm has decreased, and the opportunity to have a baby is gone.But her indices with this disease may well be unreliable, because abstinence from sexual acts is recommended for the passage of the study, but not long.

If it lasts more than 6 days, as is usually the case with hemorrhoids, which negatively affects potency, the morphology of the ejaculate for diagnostic examination is significantly distorted and the results of the analysis become unreliable.In order to avoid the negative influence of hemorrhoids on sexual functions and the possibility of having a child, it is necessary to contact a specialist in due time and undergo adequate treatment.This will significantly reduce the risk of infertility.