At what age does hemorrhoids appear in the elderly, how many years can there be, whether it happens in 16, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 25, 30 years?

August 12, 2017 15:30 | Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids and age Hemorrhoids are a disease characterized by abnormal enlargement and inflammation of the hemorrhoids.In advanced cases, there are large nodes in the rectum, which hurt and bleeds.They can be both external and internal.At what age does hemorrhoids appear?In general, this ailment occurs in people older than 25 years, but sometimes it can be in childhood.

Hemorrhoids in the elderly are not uncommon, age-related changes increase the risk of developing this disease.In recent times, cases have increased when this disease began to affect children and adolescents.Approximately one in ten men suffer from clinical manifestations of this disease for 30 years.In women aged 20-25 this illness occurs due to pregnancy, every fifth expectant mother suffers from it, and after 30 years every second woman.

In adolescents aged 16 or 18, hemorrhoids also occur, but not as often as in adults.Often adolescents keep silent symptoms of the disease, because they are embarrassed to tell their parents.Because of the lack of therap

y, this illness only progresses over the years.


The main causes of hemorrhoids in young people

Hemorrhoids at a young age How many years does hemorrhoids appear?As already explained, it happens both in children, as in the elderly.In children, it happens because of improper diet, frequent constipation and long sitting on a pot.In the adolescence at about 16-18 years old they can get sick because of the abuse of fast food, because of a sedentary lifestyle and from bad habits such as smoking and alcohol.

Some teenagers are so keen on weightlifting that in the pursuit of an athletic figure they lift weights and overload their body.This reason for the appearance of such a disease at a young age is quite common.


The main cause of hemorrhoids in middle-aged people is a sedentary lifestyle.Because of hypodynamia, blood stagnation is formed in the small pelvis, because of poor blood flow the veins expand and form knots.Young girls have knots often formed because of childbirth.Intense attempts cause an increased inflow of blood into the pelvic area, as a result of which this disease can begin.

Some men over 20 years of age may have a professional disease, for example, loaders, builders and those whose professional activities are associated with lifting weights.

Features of treatment of hemorrhoids at different ages

Hemorrhoids in the elderly In young people, as in the elderly, the treatment is basically the same.If there is no indication for surgery, then conservative therapy is prescribed.Young people rarely have an operation.Most people 24 years and older need to change their way of life.It requires moderate motor activity and proper nutrition.To reduce the symptoms of the disease, doctors can prescribe candles and ointments.


Older women and men are not recommended to get rid of the disease on their own, because the signs are similar to a malignant tumor.That's why the doctor should prescribe the diagnosis and prescribe the therapy.

No matter what age hemorrhoid occurs, you do not need to ignore this disease.At an early stage it can be cured, and if started, dangerous complications can begin.From an early age, the prevention of this disease is needed, it is necessary to eat properly so that there are no constipation, and also to move more and avoid weight lifting, and then one can never know what hemorrhoids are.