Barley porridge with gastritis

August 26, 2017 23:00 | Gastritis

Barley porridge with gastritis One of the most useful cereals in diseases of the digestive tract, especially gastritis, is the barley.Porridge from it is included in all diets, which should be adhered to in this disease.

The most important in barley porridge with diseases of the digestive organs is its enveloping ability, which allows the damaged organ to work in a quiet mode, without undue tension.


In addition, it contains amino acid lysine, which is very important in the fight against inflammatory diseases.Thanks to her, the healing of the damaged mucosa passes much faster.

Also in barley, from which the porridge is prepared, recommended not only for gastritis, but for all other diseases of the digestive system, there are almost all microelements and vitamins.And the content of most of them exceeds the minimum daily rate several times.But to make it more useful, it's worth it to cook with certain rules:

  • It should be cooked on the water.Low-fat milk, as well as salt and sugar are added to the ready-made dish and then duri
    ng remission.If the patient has a period of exacerbation, it is by no means recommended;
  • The consistency of this dish should only be liquid or viscous so that it can easily envelop the stomach;
  • To use barley porridge for gastritis should be only in a slightly warm form, so as not to cause damage to the inflammatory process of the mucosa thermal damage and not aggravate the course of the disease;
  • Also it should be eaten in small portions several times a day.Before every meal.

Recipes of barley porridge with gastritis

Barley porridge with gastritis But for the dish to be not only useful, but also tasty, and also varied food, there is also the correct recipe for its preparation:

  1. A glass of cereals is very well washed with running water;
  2. Placed in a saucepan and filled with 2.5 glasses of cold water without salt;
  3. After the dish boils, the fire is reduced to a minimum and the croup continues to be boiled for 20 minutes until ready.

It turned out to be a safe basis for this disease.Now in her at will is added low-fat milk or cottage cheese.In the case when the dish is prepared for dinner, it can add boiled meat of low-fat varieties, scrolled through a meat grinder.Salt and sugar in the finished dish lie only if the patient does not have a period of exacerbation.If desired, the barley porridge can be flavored with honey or add grated non-acid fruits on the grater.