Raw quail eggs with gastritis and treatment

August 26, 2017 23:00 | Gastritis

Quail eggs with gastritis To date, unfortunately, such a disease as gastritis is the leader, in terms of the number of patients.Folk healers offer an effective way to combat the disease by eating quail eggs.

This product contains a set of biologically active elements.It is known that in terms of the amount of nutrients they exceed chicken.Despite the fact that the egg quail is half as much, its content is 2.5 times more useful vitamins, macro and microelements.They support the tone of the human body, normalize the level of nutrients, and accelerate metabolism.It is an ideal product in the treatment of gastrointestinal ailments.Even with the prevention of gastritis and various diseases of the stomach, you must certainly include in your daily diet quail eggs, in order to prevent problems in the future.They are recommended to drive into mashed potatoes, various soups or juices.This approach will give an opportunity to people who do not like the product in its pure form to get all its useful substances.

Benefits of raw quail eggs
with gastritis

Raw eggs with gastritis It is widely believed that the treatment of gastritis with raw eggs is most effective.Thanks to a sufficiently high body temperature quail( 42 degrees), they very rarely become infected with infections.But this statement is very deceptive.Since the shell is very thin and porous, it can pass harmful substances through itself.And this means that after all, using this product, it should be subjected to its heat treatment: cook or fry.It is interesting that the shell contains about 90% of almost all micronutrients.


An effective medicine for gastritis based on eggs of the quail

Treatment of gastritis with eggs For people suffering from gastritis, a special cocktail recipe is developed based on the above product.It consists of: four raw whipped quail eggs, 30 gr.Cognac and one teaspoon of sugar.Drink it is recommended to drink before eating, on an empty stomach.Users note that after a week of treatment with this medication one can notice positive changes.But this procedure is not suitable for everyone.Children, pregnant women and people suffering from intolerance to alcohol, it is recommended to refrain from using such a tool.

Another popular drink is prepared as follows: 5 pieces of raw eggs, beat up, add apple juice, coffee and honey to taste.This cocktail is very healthy and nutritious.It is suitable for everyday use.


To cure gastritis quail eggs should be included in the daily diet of the patient.So, it is necessary for him on an empty stomach, one hour before eating to drink one raw egg.This course of treatment continues for about three months.For preschool children, the amount of the product should not be more than two per day.It is also relevant for the treatment of women in the situation.

For the prevention of gastritis and general strengthening of the body, restoration of human immunity, you should drink a raw product.2 eggs in the morning and 2 in the evening.This course should be continued for about forty days.

One of the most pleasant tricks of this product was invented by French aristocrats.They used to eat warmed quail broth, and drank it with red wine.This method can be used for people suffering from gastritis, the only condition is to exclude the alcoholic beverage.


It is important to note that before any application of unverified prescriptions, you should seek the advice of a specialist doctor.Self-treatment of gastritis( and other diseases) can lead to negative consequences, only aggravate the situation.