Plaque in the language with white gastritis, burning, photo, how does it look?

August 26, 2017 23:00 | Gastritis

Language with gastritis The appearance of the language can tell a lot about the state of human health.Therefore, even independently, having carefully looked in a mirror, it is possible to diagnose some diseases.Especially noticeable are the changes when it comes to diseases of the digestive system.

What does a healthy person look like?The color should be pink, without plaque, the papillae should protrude evenly.Periodically, a thin white coating may appear, but a healthy surface should be clearly visible through it.A healthy person does not have rashes, ulcers, spots.

What does the plaque on the tongue say about gastritis?

Language with gastritis - photo The presence of a plaque, as well as the way it looks, tells a lot about the state of the gastric mucosa.The most common variant of what the tongue looks like with gastritis is white continuous plaque, possibly with grooves.


In addition to color changes( you can find on the Internet a photo of the norm and pathology for comparison), there may be unpleasant sensations in the sense of a feeling of dryn

ess or burning.What raid has appeared, and all other symptoms help not only to determine the presence of the disease, but also to establish its nature and stage.

How to determine the stage of the disease, by what kind of plaque in appearance?

Gastritis is a plaque in the tongue Having seen live color or even a photo of the tongue with a gastritis, white or yellowish, the expert will already be able to guess that the person has an acute or chronic form of the disease.

With acute gastritis, the color is very close to the gray shade, the tongue is completely laid, except for the side parts and the tip.Sometimes there is edema and a small amount of mucus.There is a burning sensation or feeling of overdrying, an unpleasant sour or bitter aftertaste can be felt.


In the chronic form of gastritis, the tongue is usually white, a yellowish or yellowish-gray hue may be observed.The degree of symptom severity in this case will depend on how intense the inflammatory processes in the stomach are at the moment.

What can you say about the appearance of the language about the type of gastritis?

Plaque in the language of gastritis Depending on the type of gastritis in the patient, the symptoms will also differ slightly:

  • decreased acidity manifested by dry mouth, burning tongue, papillae can be atrophied, fingerprints can be visible, the surface is generally loose and edematous;
  • high level of acidity in gastritis is characterized by an abundant white layer, especially closer to the central part of the tongue, by hyperplasia of the papillae, increased secretion of the secretion of the salivary glands, rough surface, sharp tip.

Treatment of this symptom is possible only with proper therapy against gastritis.

The doctor will prescribe the necessary medication, diet.You can also add traditional medicine to treat the stomach or rinse the mouth.