What kind of berries are possible with gastritis?

August 26, 2017 23:00 | Gastritis

Berries with gastritis Berries in the summer enjoy great popularity.Everyone tries to try different kinds of them, stock up all the necessary vitamins and mineral components for the whole winter for future use.It is known that only in the summer you can find non-stuffed preservatives, natural products.Which of them is useful for eating with gastritis?Such a question arises before all people with a similar disease.Nothing is worse than refusing to take a moment to enjoy your favorite dish.It is necessary to understand which berries will cause harm, and which, on the contrary, will play a positive role in the treatment of gastritis.

Berries are an amazing natural product, in which many vitamins and useful elements are combined.It is such a complex that can help with the ailment.If you know how to correctly combine the useful with the pleasant, then you can save a lot on buying drugs.


In the treatment of gastritis, many berries such as sea-buckthorn, dog rose and mountain ash are widely used.With an anacid and hypoacid gast

ritis, special charges are used, which have a beneficial effect on the therapy of the disease.Complex therapy of medicinal berries and herbal infusions is carried out 3-4 weeks.It is recommended to inform the attending physician about the beginning of taking infusions.If he does not find any contraindications, then we can safely apply them.


What kind of berries are possible with gastritis?

What kind of berries are possible with gastritis? Berries are allowed to eat, but not all.Consider the most popular:

  • Strawberry.Strawberries are allowed and even useful to eat.It helps restore metabolism, strengthens weakened immunity, protects the mucous membrane and the walls of the stomach from damage, prevents the development of inflammation and minimizes the area of ​​disease, preventing it from developing.Such correct properties will play a qualitative result in gastritis and gastric ulcer.
  • Watermelon.Watermelons are also possible.One important condition is the environmentally friendly conditions in which watermelons were grown.In addition, watermelons must necessarily be ripe.Be sure to know the measure.2-3 slices of watermelon pulp a day will remove toxins and slags from the body.It is very interesting to realize, but even the watermelons did not pass by the people's healers.For treatment, use not the flesh, but the crusts of this large berries.Before using the crusts, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse them thoroughly and then grind them.5 tbsp.L.Watermelon crusts should be placed in a liter of boiling water.Cook should be about half an hour on low heat.Be sure to follow the process and occasionally stir.The prepared infusion is insisted for another 60 minutes and filtration is carried out.250 ml of this solution is taken orally before meals.Drink should be 4-5 times in 24 hours.
  • Grapes.Grapes are not recommended to eat.Of course, he will bring only a positive result to a healthy organism.It contains a large number of vitaminized elements, antioxidants.Unfortunately, such a tasty and sweet berry can cause fermentation, which is very bad for gastritis.Fermentation is colic, bloating, heaviness, nausea, heartburn, vomiting, pain, etc.These are the results you should expect if you eat at least a small fraction for any problems of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Currant.Black currant is recommended to eat those who have low acidity.Benefits: strengthening immunity.
  • Raspberry.Raspberries can not be eaten.

Goji berries with gastritis

Goji berries with gastritis They are gaining increasing popularity among Russians.Their advertising is very common on the Internet.Specialists do not distinguish any contraindications on this score.Goji berries do not cause any problems with the digestive system, and, therefore, with gastritis, their use is permissible.On the contrary, they are considered very curative.Is it possible to treat gastritis with Goji berries?Most likely yes, but it is better to inform a specialist and get his opinion on this.In general, many physicians advise eating not the fruits themselves, but drinking the juice from them.